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A new ship pulled into the Feral Marine main store docks today, surprising the sales staff. “We had no clue it was arriving, but there it was with the logo and everything,” one sales staff said.

The sales staff was further surprised when the crew, all dressed in military gear disembarked from the boat and calmly walked up the hill to the airport, where they boarded a C-130 with no markings and departed.

The mystery boat is still sitting at the Feral Main Store, and sales staff have told us that when they contacted the CEO, Volchia Ferduccio, she told them to “ignore it.”

The boat, believed to be Project Ripper, is rumored to be in sea trials and weapons system development. Rez Gray, the developer behind GridTalkie has been seen doing some work onboard. But he would not say a word to reporters or anyone else. Ammunition, weapons, and fuel have all been seen by the sales staff being loaded onboard.

“It’s kinda freaking me out, all this secrecy,” said one sales staff member.


The Sheriff’s Department and Coastal Patrol have put in a large order for Feral Marine’s MLB (link) after it won an award from the WBA.

“If the WBA likes it,” explained a Sheriff’s Department rep, “then we like it!”

The Sheriff Department and Coastal Patrol have even gone a step further by releasing a paint (link to paint) for local departments to customize their MLBs.

“Goodness oughta be shared,” said a rep at the CP.

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Various naval forces and Search and Rescue groups have begun buying the newest release from Feral Marine, and doing so in volumes.

“At first it looked like it was just excitement over a highly anticipated product,” a staffer at Boating On It, the monthly boating magazine, told us. “Then it became clear that there’s something of an arms race for coastal ships. These people are buying it because it’s highly survivable, modifiable, and comes with multiple crew spots and piloting options.”

The MLB by Feral Marine is also rumored to be the first constructed in part by Feral Robotics, as well as a new line of working boats that offer crew accommodations. Demos and purchase are available at the FM showroom near Blake (link) and for purchase at Marketplace (link).

A picture taken secretly, showing one of the ships under development.

It is being reported by our Pippen office that two new luxury craft are being developed by Feral Marine, and workers are so excited by them that they are leaking information about it.

“It’s in our Pippen facility and it’s hasn’t even made it off paper yet, but it is close,” a worker told us. “If Chia knew we were talking to you she would have us disappeared, all I can tell you right now is that it is about 40 meters long, has 3 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining room, and a bar on the second floor with lounge seating.”

The two luxury craft have been dubbed the Feral Puma and the Feral Jaguar, both of which are likely to follow the release of the MLB. At the time of this article, a scripting team was working on all of the craft.

A new teaser for an upcoming release of the Dixie Belle came from Dutch Harbor (link), and Waterbank literati are calling it the best fiction they’ve seen since Forgier’s testimony on embezzlement.

“The style of the writing and the dialogue really capture your imagination,” said Theolonious Sun, a member of the Mark Twain fan club and Waterbank book reviewer. “Well quoted Analyse!”

The larger RB-L Fire can even house a small crew.

Competition has been increasing in the area of firefighting vehicles, and Feral Marine has been pulling in record sales of its two new firefighting boats, the RB-L Fire (link) and the fast response Prowler Fire.

Fire departments everywhere have been buying up the craft, and even small departments have opened their wallets for the two vessels that can put out HD and Tredpro fires. Packed with animations and powered by Rez Gray scripts, Feral Marine has already surpassed older products in the market.