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A visitor to Dutch Harbor stitched together a couple pics to show how the famous boating center is becoming a mercantile destination. GTFO vessels are now coming and going and a new commercial island has been formed to much applause.


honahfl Another special forces team takes off from Honah Airfield.

WIA has sent another recommendation to several Blake Sea communities to pressure Honah Airfield to reduce the availability of its runways to paramilitary groups. The report makes the threat clear:

“The airfield [Honah] continues to offer a consistent and free landing zone for paramilitary groups and craft in the Blake Sea. While not directly sponsoring military action, the sales of technologically advanced military aircraft and an unregulated landing zone results in support of military actions in the Blake Sea theater.”

None of the communities have responded to the recommendation, though insiders say that Half Hitch is likely to push for regulations.


The Coastal Patrol has lost a defense contract after one of its supply planes crashed into a pristine resort beach. The oil spill which polluted the resort for two months resulted in the loss of hundreds in revenue, and the resort has threatened legal action.

“It wasn’t a day for stomping,” explained an inebriated spokesman for the Coastal Patrol. “Big plane boom, no drinks from house.”

“I can’t believe we hired those drunks to begin with,” said the resort owner, “I think we were just impressed with how cool their planes looked.”


Prototype Police have reinstated a cold case that may involve several major Prototype companies, a Lionheart councilmember, and a small resort island in the Blake Sea.

Case 672-E45-Hom began with a suspicious figure by an abandoned vehicle near the Prototype Ansco Station, and quickly went from a routine stop to a tri-state manhunt.

“Things went south fast,” said one officer who responded that day. “We got a call from dispatch that an officer was down, so we came in sirens blasting. We were in time to see the suspect dive into the forest, and pursued as fast as we could.”

Officers from the State Police, local Prototype Police, and several security officers from NTBI combed the nearby forests, but could not find the suspect.

One of the investigating detectives had more to say about the case. “At the abandoned car we found tapes that sounded like private deals between a Lionheart councilmember,Astaro and SZYM. The transcript of those tapes reads like deals that would not be acceptable under anti-trust laws.”

The case was revived after a customer at Feral Marine’s seaside showroom stumbled across a skeleton. “It (the suit of bones) traces back to a Prototype man that went missing at the same time as the case,” explained an officer. “That’s all I can say about it now.”

WNnewoffice The new mailbox for story submission is pictured here with a red arrow.

Waterbank News has opened a satellite office at Feral Marine’s Tsotchke island, subsidized by Feral Marine.

“It means more news from around the world,” said an excited Editor In Chief, “and we’ve even got a drop box for people to add their own stories. Thanks to Feral, our reach just got longer!”

Aspiring reporters and interested parties can find the office, along with several boat demos at Tschotchke (link).