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Boaters everywhere are trembling with excitement over the news of an immanent release from Bandit Boats (aka Boss Craft) which is said to have an unprecedented number of features. Among the features are more custom animations, working GPS, working radio, working TV, shore power, and a new autodocking feature. Autodocking will, once you are close to your dock, allow your boat to drive itself to the right spot, fasten lines, deploy fenders, and shut down the engine, all without you setting down your cocktail.

The release is said to be in a few days once the paperwork has been completed, and is the first of several new releases coming soon.

dutchlineup The long docks at Dutch Harbor aren’t long enough.

Only a week after the release of Ocean Beach (Buy at Dutch Harbor)(release party photo link), a catamaran sailboat that is seeing record sails, Dutch Harbor is again in the news with several new boats nearing release.

Bandit and BOSS Boats are looking to release the BOSS 275, Bandit 460AK, BOSS 445, Bandit 50/3 and BOSS 665 in the near future, releases that boating insiders are saying that Bandit Boats is working on a release that will change the boating marketplace, and have something for everyone.

The line up is aimed at recreational boaters across the boating spectrum, from a houseboat to a luxury cruiser.

“This is a great time for boating and shipping,” said the WBA, “and we can’t wait to these beauties out there.”


A “Dutchie” has sent us this photo of a secret shop near Dutch Harbor where Bandit Boat is handcrafting an IF sailboat. They also sent some photos of other projects at the location, including the Boss 665, a houseboat, several freight carrying vessels, and an unusual hull. Those photos haven’t cleared our legal team, but show that Bandit and Boss Boats are still active.

Established boat makers are facing more competition as manufacturers that once were working on other products move into the lucrative boat market, and others begin to meet the high bar set by lead manufacturers.

“Competition can be a positive driver,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “especially if the products follow the Waterbank Fair Trade and Ethical Guidelines.”

Remi Messmer is one such up and comer, releasing boats with lower prim counts than ever before and finding market niches. The new Messmer product, the Aphrodite (link), is a classic wood paneled luxury cruiser.

Amariah Francis is another company that is getting into boats. Their new Touring Trawler (link) is even outfitted with the NTBI GPS Fuel System, and a number of other competitive features.

“It’s an exciting time in boating,” said the editor of Boating Bimonthly. “All these new boats with lots of space to move around in and with features. They’re all hitting a niche too. The new Aphrodite is hitting a niche that could have been hit by Boss Boats [Bandit Boats]. Two years ago they put out a brochure about an upcoming product, the Boss 670, a classic luxury cruiser. They built it, and it’s been sitting in a testing dock ever since. Messmer came out with theirs and now people are clamoring for a unique product. If the established boat makers don’t push out their products, someone else may catch their market.”