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The town of Juneau was woken with the sound of cracks, snaps, and pops as a pilot mistook a warehouse for the Juneau runway. The plane was mostly undamaged in the landing, and passengers were able to exit a rear door to safety.

“I actually did a good job of landing on such a small space, but we slid off,” said the pilot.

Juneau police have filed a report with the WAA and are pursuing legal prosecution for Reckless Endangerment.


The Shergood HUD and Sansara Airlines at ERIA

Today in aviation, the WAA has demanded that all Waterbank aircraft use the Shergood Aviation transponder and GPS (link), a way for pilots to see where they are, where others are (fewer crashes!), and plan their flights. The WAA has said that they will no longer use their “pin and paper” method of tracking flights and have entirely switched to the Shergood Radar System (link).

“We love – I mean really love – I mean love love love it,” said the WAA Director.

In East River, Sansara Airlines won a prize for “excellent piloting and safety,” making the airline one of only three ever awarded that prize. Waterbank Airlines remains the only airline who had to return the prize after a fiery crash at an East River gas station.

“There still are very gas stations in East River,” said the award committee.

A smuggler confessed that he too used the Shergood GPS after Waterbank Police arrested him on Munck Field trying to take off with a ton of sand. “He said that the Shergood HUD was great for night flights,” reported a WPD spokesperson.


Kelly Shergood’s newest S-64 Skycrane is still in Beta, but already it has impressed test pilots and early buyers. The beautifully crafted utility helicopter has a realistic startup and flight system, along with a winch (crew or individually operated).

As with other Shergood Aviation releases there is a tremendous attention to detail and realism that is sure to appeal to buyers.


The beta version is on sale and display now at Grayling Airport and Kelly Shergood is hoping for a pre-New Years release of the final. A pilot we caught up with at Grayling said that the beta is “pure joy” and had an alarming look of excitement on their face.

The S-64 is an aircraft that is already in high demand, and is likely to become a staple of the airways. “It’s a perfect fit,” said Sketch Sun, President of the Waterbank Business Association. “The biggest industry in our world is construction, and the Skycrane is built for heavy loads. I see an award in the future for Shergood Aviation.”


Shergood Aviation (SHAV) stocks have been rising since the release of the helicopter.

This is posted from the SL Aviation Group (link):

Wed, Apr 27 2016 5:13:11 AM PDT

This week (APR. 27-30) will be a Random Destination Challenge. We will start & fnish at St. Martins Airfield. One of you will touch the random number box & whatever destination comes up in open chat we will then fly to it.. The pilot that chooses the destination may also issue a challenge for the leg. We will fly to at least 5 destinations then return to start.

WrightFieldHusky Aviation’s hangar at Wright Field

Husky Aviation, the company behind the lauded CRJ-700, has come up with a consumer checklist for aircraft buyers that easily could fit any product.

“Husky’s great,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “they’re conscientious, innovative, and now everyone can see how much they care about consumers. Major thumbs up.”

Husky’s checklist is at this link: Husky Aviation Product Checklist


The Claw, the chaos inspiring cabal, has fought back with their own version of Echo Squadron, releasing a paint and instructions on how to join their ranks.

In a very different kind of press release from their counterpart at the Coastal Patrol (link to CP story), the Claw treated reporters to a three course meal at a remote airfield some three hours flight from the Blake Sea. After removing our hoods they served a fig and prosciutto salad and explained what they were doing.

“We apologize for the secrecy,” they told us, “but you understand. The Claw is creating its own squadrons to fight the menace of the Coastal Patrol. We have instructions for all aspiring Claw members, be they pirates, scoundrels, rogues, misunderstood, or freelancers.

Pilots will need the approved aircraft, the ZSK P-40E (link) and the official Claw paint (link), being sold through F.I.. Half the proceeds from the sale of the paint will return to the manufacturer, ZSK. We look forward to seeing our new Claw pilots take to the skies!”