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François Crépin-Jaujard (franck.gazov), CEO of the French Line admires THI’s latest recreation on display at SLFF.

THI, in partnership with Amok Dynamics, has nearly completed another classic fighter from the WW 2 era, which has already inspired a number of buyers. Dewoitine D.520 was a French fighter that had featured more maneuverability than its German counterpart in 1940, yet wasn’t manufactured in great quantity.

THI has not given a release date yet for the craft.

hhhhh Photos from the Safety and Security Expo at White Star, courtesy of Tatyana Thomas (taras.kaliopov)

The Safety and Security Expo at White Star is pulling in crowds and some secret admirers.

“A surprising number of black trench coats have been attending our booths,” Samantha Han’s assistant told us. “They seem harmless, but they take a whole lot of selfies in front of the gear.”



Guadal This picture is of Guadalcanal (link), based on the Solomon Islands campaign of WW2. It currently is the only place on the grid (anomaly travel) suitable for full naval combat. It has over 40 open rez ocean sims as combat zones for planes tanks and infantry.

THI and Amok have sent out a newsletter with upgrades and information for the owners of their newest classic warbirds.

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ERIA-PD East River Intercontinental Airport Police conducted a two day training exercise with WIA to prepare for “international incidents and hostage crisis.”

During the the training, officers and agents could be seen all over the airport, using specialized equipment and scaling walls. “We used a bit of everything,” said the WIA training leader, “and practiced a lot with drones. They can give us a non-invasive visual, even when hostiles have strategic advantage.”

Amazingly, passengers using ERIA during the two days hardly even noticed the small drones buzzing about, which is what ERIA PD wanted. “If they can’t see us, neither can the bad guys.”

As a part of a public relations campaign, WIA and ERIA PD have allowed Waterbank News to publish some pictures taken by the drones. The three photos were taken with Amok Dynamic’s QR Drone, currently sold at Honah Airfield.


“The Amok QR Drone is great tech,” said one officer with the ERIA PD. “Small quiet, and flies everywhere.”

In the pictures, the drone was used to scan aircraft on the tarmac. “We could just as easily use it to see inside the aircraft,” said ERIA PD. “In a situation like the White Star hijacking, we would be able to see who and how many we were dealing with.”


They could even take photos of inside the terminal, which opens new possibilities for commercial filming too.


The training had its amusing moments too. “We were watching the monitor for one of the agents playing a perp, when we saw a guy in a bathrobe walk out of one of the Vulture Air helos and grab himself a beer.”