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From the press release:
This Weekend SLCI Rocks with Press Events Tours and a jamming party. It all starts Saturday the 21st at 10 AM SLT at SLCI

Sunday the 22nd the Corsica International Air Show promises thrills – dance party and live concert follow.

It’s happening now so come on down! BUT KEEP YOUR PLANES OUT OF THE AREA!

Cannery Cove Corsica International Sea/Air Terminal – SLCI, Malrif – (LINK) ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄



Visitors are already coming to White Star Airport (link) to see one of the most anticipated events this year, the Safety and Security Demo Days. Exhibitors, including major manufacturers like Shergood Aviation and HD, will be showing off their wares in a trade show that begins tomorrow night and opens to the public at 10am on Saturday.

Shergood Aviation (pictured) is putting out new equipment for the show.

Tunes for the event will come from (Luke Flywalker & MtFB broadcasting live online). White Star Airport is accessible from air, sea, and Gridhound. Organizers have asked that visitors refrain from using giant foam fingers as they affect some of the aircraft.

As spring warms up most of the world, Braniff Airport is still handling winter vacationers, and making a lot of people happy.

“It’s so close to the resorts and sights,” said one vacationer. “You can’t beat the skiing and ice skating in Chamonix.”

Braniff-Unity Chamonix Regional Airport (link) is off of Amundsen Road in Minarlo Vite, and has a full range of services for travelers. Also they have a recreational race track under the tarmac.

At the elevation of 111, it also requires some adjustment for travelers. “My ears popped 3 times,” said a young child, “now I’m waiting for the last pop!”

“It’s a great location,” said a new intern at Grace Development Agency. “And there are some reasonably priced river lots for 10000 nearby.”

SWAT teams descended on Smuggler’s Port after a hostage was taken on the tarmac.

“They just took him against his will,” screamed one bystander who saw the crime.

“We set positions around the tarmac and brought in a hostage negotiator,” said a SWAT team member. “That’s when we noticed that the victim was a cat.”

According to one refueling truck driver, the cat was returned after the negotiator bargained it free from the five year old for an ice cream.

“What can I say,” said the police negotiator eating two scoops of pistachio chocolate swirl, “I’m a good negotiator.”

The scene of the crime: link ; paint from FI Paints (link)

A passenger that was found dead in their seat is the subject of an investigation at ERIA, and the airline has been trying to cover it up.

“They even told us we’d be fired if we talked about it,” said one flight attendant.

Little is known at the moment about the death, which other passengers failed to notice.

“I just thought he was a great guy,” said the passenger in the seat next to the victim, “he never bothered me once.”

After a tip from noted creator and philanthropist Crim Mip, Waterbank News took a trip to White Star Airport, where there are some new developments. First is the installation of Chambers Field Naval Station (link), an active duty naval base with an aviation wing. No word on what security threat they are there to deal with, but insiders at White Star say that the fliers are welcome.

The second development is a restoration of the lighthouse at, which is a popular lookout for plane watchers and ocean breezes. It is across the Dire Straits (not as bad as they sound) from what has been described as a temple of luxury and Kierna Rise Airstrip. Kierna Rise Airstrip is an unassuming grass field built on top of beach grottoes.