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Archerfield Aerodrome has resumed operations with a number of improvements, and continues to construct new facilities.

As the above image indicates, the runways have been paved to allow for newer aircraft (and an upcoming ZSK jet), and taxiways have been added to help with the inevitable increase in traffic. Limited parking is now available too.

TTI and the flight school have been moved to the north side of the airport. Pilots should note that Runway 07-25 no longer exists and has been replaced with Runway 09-27.


Sunny Fields, home to TBM and several other companies (link), was awarded the “Best Desert Award” by the WBA.

“It’s been a long standing destination with real appeal,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “I fly and shop there whenever I can. It’s packed full of surprises too, so you should snoop a little. The lime rickey at the diner is perfect for the heat.”

Link to the airfield and destination is above.

arenaarcher Arena Flight School has moved to Archerfield

Cumberland City has closed its airport, abruptly returning loaned equipment and rejecting invoices from contractors that had maintained the airport. The construction of the airport was a pro bono effort from a notable aircraft manufacturer who was surprised at the sudden rezoning of the airport for residential plots.

Renters who had paid for hangar space at the airfield have not been paid back, and the Waterbank Better Business Bureau has received several claims against the land owners.

“Cumberland’s got some issues,” said a writer at Airports Monthly. “They killed a critical piece of infrastructure and burned lots of bridges as they did. Their management style nearly led a pilot to kamikaze into the governor’s house last month, and I wouldn’t be surprised if crime goes up in the city.”

Arena Flight School, which had been at the airport has since moved to Archerfield (link), where they are “happier than ducks in a vegan restaurant.”


A Claw pilot stunned passengers and security agents when she landed a ZSK p-40 at Second Norway Airport’s Gate 5, walked into the terminal to the newsstand and bought the latest Waterbank News, and walked off. Before security teams could reach the pilot she had already started her engine and revved up the versatile fighter. As an airport security vehicle (a ProStreet SUV) attempted to cut off the plane, the fighter easily outran it and took to the sky.

“I could have done it if I was driving a Szym Entourage,” said the security agent, “instead of that thing.”

calletaairportRalf Haifisch ‘s Sharkland – Calleta City Airport, Cecropia

Airport, railway hub, port, city, amusement park, and UFO crash site. The Calleta area has something for everyone (link), and it’s all at the end of the ANWR Channel. With a SLRR and GSRR supported railway the expanse of Calleta has become an important part of the continent’s economy.

“There are some interesting business opportunities there,” said a staffer at the WBA. “Not to mention what will happen if they go GTFO.”

Travel to the area through the ANWR or the link above.