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From the press release:
This Weekend SLCI Rocks with Press Events Tours and a jamming party. It all starts Saturday the 21st at 10 AM SLT at SLCI

Sunday the 22nd the Corsica International Air Show promises thrills – dance party and live concert follow.

It’s happening now so come on down! BUT KEEP YOUR PLANES OUT OF THE AREA!

Cannery Cove Corsica International Sea/Air Terminal – SLCI, Malrif – (LINK) ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄



A Sheriff Department plane made an emergency landing after a draft of hot air affected its low altitude pass over a highway.

“We were already really low looking for speeders and as slow as we could go, so the air just dropped us too close to keep up.” The Sheriff Deputy told us. “It was a rural road and didn’t affect traffic. Thanks to our trusty ZSK Tomahawk we were back in the sky in minutes.”

The Archerfield Waterbank News Office (link under Big 7 at right) is reporting that ZSK is actively working on a project which has been dubbed “Snubbie.”

“Actually,” said an anonymous source that was in the Archerfield Maintenance Department told us, “Snubbie is my name for it. It’s the P-47, that monster of a classic fighter.”

Rumors are circulating that the fighter in construction is capable of bombs and ‘on the rail’ missiles as well as a fierce rate of climb.

“If you know ZSK planes,” WBA President Sketch Sun told us, “then you know that this won’t just be a classic warbird. This will be a deadly piece of art.”

ZSK planes are some of the highest rated planes in the world, and regularly win awards. The stock price on the WSE (link) rose sharply after the news.

Scenic Fiji Airfield which is home to one of the first glider clubs, is promoting the sale of the ASK13 Glider by Rene Underby. Set to go on sale tomorrow at noon, the glider can be demoed now at Fiji Island Airport (link).

Fiji Island Airport,Old Field, has a runway at Alt 28 metres 70 degrees, in Maho Beach and is perfect for propeller and gliding craft.

Glider Notecard is after the jump: Read More


Adventure travelers were stunned to see the latest ZSK plane in development flying around a volcano in the Tulagi area last week.

“I guess it was in trials,” said one traveler who was flying a rented P-40 at the time. “It flew right around the volcano, slowing, climbing, diving, it was amazing to watch. It’s going to be a really powerful plane to fly.”

“Volcanic ash and heat usually damage aircraft,” explained a Waterbank University professor, “but ZSK has always been committed to safety. They’ll test it until its ready.”