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A Coastal Patrol unit conducted an air-to-air raid on a mysterious blimp over Dutch Harbor today, only to discover it was one of the mysterious projects from Analyse Dean’s secret workshop.

“The thing was hovering over Dutch and we just thought it was so unusual,” said a CP member. “Once we figured out it was hers we put everything back where we found it.”


Aeronauticos from all over the world are expected to attend the release party of the newest ZSK aircraft in the Greater Tulagi area. The highly anticipated aircraft has gone through rigorous testing to meet the high standard of ZoraSlade Koru, ZSK’s jefe.

“I don’t know if the rumors about an engineer being fired for untrimmed nose hair are true,” said one worker at Archerfield, “but we take Quality Control very – VERY – seriously. Pilots know we aim to please.”

Check out the plane with a demo at Archerfield (link)

From the official PR materials:
“Join us on Friday 12th at 7pm PST as we launch the high anticipated LJ-45XR.

We will have Music from DJ Tom Box, Demo Aircraft to try, and the official launch at 7pm.

Before 7pm, The Demo rezzers will be turned off to allow guests to gather on the Tarmac. The ZSK Owner will then activate the vendors for the product launch.
Read more about this product here: link()


Baker & Sun’s Law Firm’s “Partner News” blog shows photos from, and describes how the Fugitive Lawyer recently went on a set of trials for the upcoming ZSK release, a private jet. In the article the Fugitive Lawyer says that the new ZSK jet is unlike anything he had ridden in, comfortable and with a “smooth, gliding flight.”

The photos include a shot of the jet at a racetrack, where ZSK engineers are said to have tested the handling of the craft on the ground as well as in the air.


“It was really something to see them drive the course with the jet,” the Fugitive Lawyer said.

ZSK has not given a date for the release, and law enforcement remains frustrated at the elusive Fugitive Lawyer.


A loving creation and collaboration between Joe Sparrow and Nikki Wilder, the G- 21 Goose (link) is a pudgy seaplane with surprising capability. Smugglers are already taking an interest in the craft, which is GTFO ready and has a number of poses for recreational users too. Smugglers are particularly interested in the mod feature, which allows owners to add their own hidey holes…