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Waterbank Associated Press Feed:
The Me 323 Gigant now comes with GTFO!
Capacity: 8 Heavy Crates (2,400 FU)
20 Passengers Overhead: G$20 per minute
See Astral Tek Marketplace site or view in world in the Tulagi center.



Baker & Sun’s Law Firm’s “Partner News” blog shows photos from, and describes how the Fugitive Lawyer recently went on a set of trials for the upcoming ZSK release, a private jet. In the article the Fugitive Lawyer says that the new ZSK jet is unlike anything he had ridden in, comfortable and with a “smooth, gliding flight.”

The photos include a shot of the jet at a racetrack, where ZSK engineers are said to have tested the handling of the craft on the ground as well as in the air.


“It was really something to see them drive the course with the jet,” the Fugitive Lawyer said.

ZSK has not given a date for the release, and law enforcement remains frustrated at the elusive Fugitive Lawyer.


A loving creation and collaboration between Joe Sparrow and Nikki Wilder, the G- 21 Goose (link) is a pudgy seaplane with surprising capability. Smugglers are already taking an interest in the craft, which is GTFO ready and has a number of poses for recreational users too. Smugglers are particularly interested in the mod feature, which allows owners to add their own hidey holes…


Kelly Shergood’s newest S-64 Skycrane is still in Beta, but already it has impressed test pilots and early buyers. The beautifully crafted utility helicopter has a realistic startup and flight system, along with a winch (crew or individually operated).

As with other Shergood Aviation releases there is a tremendous attention to detail and realism that is sure to appeal to buyers.


The beta version is on sale and display now at Grayling Airport and Kelly Shergood is hoping for a pre-New Years release of the final. A pilot we caught up with at Grayling said that the beta is “pure joy” and had an alarming look of excitement on their face.

The S-64 is an aircraft that is already in high demand, and is likely to become a staple of the airways. “It’s a perfect fit,” said Sketch Sun, President of the Waterbank Business Association. “The biggest industry in our world is construction, and the Skycrane is built for heavy loads. I see an award in the future for Shergood Aviation.”


Shergood Aviation (SHAV) stocks have been rising since the release of the helicopter.


A HCI Taxi flight took off yesterday for Second Norway only to find itself in a large storm. The pilot, Jessica ‘Conwing’ MacDougal, used what her passengers called “expert handling” to ferry the Bell 429 through the heavy turbulence and driving rain.

The flight landed safely and the pilot was surprised when the ATC at Second Norway had canceled flights for the storm. “We fly through much worse,” she told us.


The long awaited B17 from ZSK is nearing completion, and for most pilots it can’t come fast enough.

“ZSK is amazing,” said one pilot grinning wildly at Fletcher Airfield. “They create beautiful craft that are stunningly functional and complete. Take the Tomahawk for example. That’s a beauty that a pilot can really earn his wings on!”

The B-17 project has been a long and complicated one according to the ZSK blog (link), and is a collaborative project between Astral Tek, Adrian Faulkwing, and ZSK.