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As a service to manufacturers and consumers, WBA endorsed product notecards are reprinted. Full notecard is after the jump:

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François Crépin-Jaujard (franck.gazov), CEO of the French Line admires THI’s latest recreation on display at SLFF.

THI, in partnership with Amok Dynamics, has nearly completed another classic fighter from the WW 2 era, which has already inspired a number of buyers. Dewoitine D.520 was a French fighter that had featured more maneuverability than its German counterpart in 1940, yet wasn’t manufactured in great quantity.

THI has not given a release date yet for the craft.

DutchCoal Some of Analyse Dean’s creations at Dutch Harbor may be used in GTFO, a project in its Alpha stage.

A sneak peak at the developing interactive freight franchise (game) coming to our world has amazed a number of the WBA staff.

“Imagine taking your favorite builders, scripters, and minds together to build an immersive trade and action scenario. That’s what you’ve got coming,” said one WBA staffer.

“Sketch Sun doesn’t just faint at nothing,” another staffer told us. “This is the guy that faced Aeon Voom in a dog fight. He doesn’t just flop on the ground for nothing. This thing is big.”

The WBA (despite sharing an office with us) did not give too many details, but did say that people interested could monitor a website (link) for more information.