Rumors about a convention center at the new SZYM Tower in Prototype (link at right) have been confirmed, and already the WBA has forwarded suggestions for possible conventions.

“It’s just another day of awesomeness for SZYM and NTBI,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “The convention center is a perfect place for industry professionals to meet. It’s a lot better than the bar / sewer underneath the Astaro showroom.”

Suggestions from the WBA include the following conventions:

Urban Products Convention (this is likely to appeal to NTBI)
Convention of Mayors and Towns
Airport Management Convention
The 2018 Auto Fair
Rails and Trails Convention

No word yet on whether the convention center will pursue any of these conventions.


A new tower believed to by called “SZYM Tower” is overlooking the developing community of Glenbrook in Prototype, exciting everyone.

“There are so many rumors,” said an excitable trader at Hakuso, “there’s supposed be shopping, a TV studio, a convention space, a restaurant with a view, and much more. We’re so pumped!”

The building is currently finishing construction and will be open to the public soon. Visitors can see the progress themselves by following the link to Prototype at right (Big Seven).

An experienced pilot that has turned the shipping business on its head, Cam Maximus is a rising leader in the business community, with a logistics company spread around the world. TNT is at 15 locations, many of them key transit hubs. Waterbank News asked a few questions of the magnate, and he took time out from his morning brief for pilots that day to answer them.

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The New Horizons area, which includes residential, commercial, airport, and port districts, has been listed by the WBA as an “economic boom town.”

“They even have rental units below the runway,” said a rep, “and a town hall. If you look at the area from air you’ll see all the business moving in and out of it. Airlines, TNT, shops, and there are also several communities have built around it too.”

The WBA has awarded Scarlet Creative for “excellence in architecture,” making it one of several acclaimed architecture firms to receive an award this year.

“WBA has been handing out awards for architecture like candy,” said one insider at Hakuso, “but these firms are good. Really good. SC’s {Scarlet Creative} got chops when it comes to provincial – or should I say ‘Provencial?’”

The firm has it’s own location where buyers and admirers can sample a variety of well crafted homes. The homes are mostly for larger properties, but are priced at L999, making them a popular choice for the upwardly mobile. Visit their showroom at (link).

A new ship pulled into the Feral Marine main store docks today, surprising the sales staff. “We had no clue it was arriving, but there it was with the logo and everything,” one sales staff said.

The sales staff was further surprised when the crew, all dressed in military gear disembarked from the boat and calmly walked up the hill to the airport, where they boarded a C-130 with no markings and departed.

The mystery boat is still sitting at the Feral Main Store, and sales staff have told us that when they contacted the CEO, Volchia Ferduccio, she told them to “ignore it.”

The boat, believed to be Project Ripper, is rumored to be in sea trials and weapons system development. Rez Gray, the developer behind GridTalkie has been seen doing some work onboard. But he would not say a word to reporters or anyone else. Ammunition, weapons, and fuel have all been seen by the sales staff being loaded onboard.

“It’s kinda freaking me out, all this secrecy,” said one sales staff member.

A number of cruise ship captains went early to the the Andrea Doria launch (link), thinking that it was a new cruise ship, named after the ill fated Italian liner.

“We need work,” one said. “There are very few cruise ships in this world.”

The launch is actually for a new freighter, which is a high demand area of shipping.

“People need to move goods,” said one dock worker. “That’s why companies like TNT are doing so well.”