A labor strike at White Star docks (link), fizzled before it began when discontented dock hands were met by Cam Maximus on their way to the facility’s main building.

“Cam shows up with boxes of doughnuts,” said one worker. “And, like 200 scones too. You just can’t be angry at that guy – he’s so thoughtful!”

“There were even sugar-free ones,” said another worker, “we just turned around and called our union. Put Cam in charge, we told’em!”


SZYM Magnate Will Szymborska gave us a head’s up on Gentek Telecom’s latest development plan, tipping us off that GT’s newest facility will be coming online soon, at a new site in the Satori continent off Route 8 in Granville (link), to provide better service to the growing number of Satori customers (the 494 area code).

The station that is also a microwave relay termination is one of many GT facilities to build up the network. Current GT facilities now include Briggs County, Xoanon (relay), Hyperion, Northbridge, and now Granville (soon looking to offer expanded service to Sansara).

Hakuso Investments doubled their valuation of the communications giant after hearing the news, and one trader was nearly fired because he “couldn’t sit down, he was so excited.”

Anomaly Travels is advertising free trips to an Edwardian town in Myron, with only one caveat – dress the part.

“Locals are shocked when someone arrives ‘out of period,'” said Anomaly Travels. “Best shine the shoes before you go.”

Sightseers and visitors can travel directly (link) to the Town of Philomena, Myron, alongside Route 5. A picturesque small American town set in the years 1910-1919, visitors can shop, eat, stroll the boulevard, or travel be cable car.

A Civil Defense vehicle with a “You Duck, We Cover” paint from Forgier Industries (link)

The Civil Defense gave Infinity Freight a thumbs up after inspecting its Amella facility, judging it to be “stop number 2 after a zombism outbreak.”

The location which is near rail lines is also along Old Route 1, making it central for escape on that continent.

“You’ve got to have access in a a typical FUBAR sit,” said the CD rep we spoke to. “That location has road, rail, and is close to the water. I’d go there.”

Infinity is located in Amella (link). People escaping Zombism are encouraged to bring their own supplies.

Reports from local residents in communities around the world have put a big question to scientists – is the water level rising? Fears over several environmental factors have scientists concerned and some groups are already investigating.

“From our expeditions we have some idea of the depth of the oceans,” said an AERO rep, “but there is a lot more to know.”

A rep from SOCL explained their process. “We started looking at well known oceans, and saw that there was little variation in the levels of the seas. If anything, it was the inland lakes that surprised us. Places like Isla Coral, which is a secluded lake (link), has a depth of 95, and surpasses the Sutherland Abyss (link).”

AERO, Agency for Exploration and Recon Operations, is back and East River insiders are saying that there are late night deliveries coming in through the night for a new facility.

“AERO flatly denies allegations of a secret facility with an alien device,” said Drew, who spoke to us on a garbled cell connection. The call ended abruptly with gunfire and screaming.

“AERO is one of the few organizations that actually fights with the Claw,” a Claw insider told us. “So we’ll see how it goes down.”