In the first of several planned reports on the Greater Tulagi Region, the Waterbank News has created a map to show anomaly travelers and WW2 era combat participants the growing complexity of the theater.

By clicking on the thumbnailed map you will see the entire contested area, along with the major players in the theater.

What surprised our staffers most was that most of the airports in the theater were neutral, allowing for active combatants to launch from them at the same time commercial GTFO flights could. In fact, nearly anyone can use the airfields, provided they follow local rules and guidelines. While at Archerfield Field (lower middle on the map), we saw a Claw P-40 take off, and a CP P-40 take off only minutes later, undoubtedly chasing it.

“Unless it is a combat airfield like Xilted, air fields are places where the war stops,” said one airport administrator. “What happens once you’re in the Tulagi Sea is wholly different matter.”

The Tulagi region may also be the first to allow smugglers to use the GTFO protocols, taking advantage of the existing combat conditions.

GTFO is increasing in scope, adding new docks to Oleg, Grunion, and Orwood. Barrels and crates are now supported as well, and new vehicles are in the works for the new freight protocol that is taking the logistics industry by storm. GTFO information can be found here (link). A starter kit (free and paid versions) is available at the Marketplace (link).

cp12stepA ZSK P-40 banks to patrol a remote island chain. The Coastal Patrol has widened its reach and is recruiting more.

The Coastal Patrol has been attracting more pilots, thanks to a new ad campaign in East River. The ad campaign called “Peast Criver” uses plays on letters and words to raise awareness of the Coastal Patrol and the role it is expanding.

“We’re seeing new areas to help people,” said the new spokesman for the group, “and that includes combat areas like Tulagi and domestically challenged areas like East River.”

east-river-master-map AERO has released evacuation notices to areas in the East River Community after the East River Seismic Outpost said that a “humungo event” was in the future.

“We think it will be big enough to clear out huge portions of the community,” they said, “and only a few will be left standing.”

The validity of the claim has yet to be determined but the event seems to coincide with the rumor that a key investor in the ERC will “pull out” at the end of the month.

“It’s possible that the earthquake warning was to get people to leave in advance of an economic collapse,” said a Waterbank University professor.

“One thing we know,” said an AERO representative, “is that the ERC will never be the same by next month.”

archexp An amateur explorer starts out from Archerfield to see uncharted areas.

Archerfield Aerodrome (SLAL) -link- was this year’s choice as Best Explorer’s Airfield according to Explorare Circum, the elite explorers digest. The digest is a tri-annual publication sent to officially recognized explorers and covers the intricacies of professional exploration. Inside the digest there are articles such as the one that named Archerfield to help explorers get started, and ads for equipment like the classic exploring land rover (link). Waterbank News was able to see the latest copy when it was left out on Sketch Sun’s desk at the WBA (no, you won’t get it back).

The airfield was chosen over the previous year’s choice, saying that the Tulagi region is “full of undiscovered treasures and wonder.” It also said that “the threat of combat makes the explorer’s senses acute.”

sloalocation Oniakaloha Airfield SLOA, Cardona (link)

The previous winner, Oniakaloha Airfield was across from the medieval Meauxle Bureaux, and had won for two years in a row.

After SOCL agreed to an exchange of maps between itself and AERO, several wrecks were uncovered.

“We’re delighted,” said a professor at Waterbank University. “We now know about a lost Viking vessel and a submarine prototype thought to have been destroyed.”

AERO, an organization for exploration, began as SLUMA, and now boasts more members and a headquarters in Muirhead.

People interested in joining AERO can get more information after the jump:
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