Police are questioning a Waterbank News Reporter in the East River Hospital and finally have a lead on the mass disappearance of the WN staff.

“They are being held in a black site,” he told one detective. “Maybe all those years of journalism caught up with them.”

Asked how this reporter escaped, the police were told that he had seduced one of the guards, used a pen to pick a lock, and then imitated a Tunisian Coffee technician to break free. The police, though incredulous, had to admit that the story seemed to be valid.

“Truth never pays,” a Professor of Philosophy said when consulted by the police. “Never.”

A new type of charity event, the ‘gurney race,’ has brought hundreds of locals out in East River for a charity.

“It’s pretty simple,” explained the Waterbank Auxiliary volunteer that came up with it. “People bet on which ambulance crew can race with a loaded gurney for 500 meters.”

Benefits from the event went to the Cathouse for Catnip Recovery, which helps addicts recover from debilitating catnip.

WIA exposed the ties between North Ridding and Aluveaux Tech in a thirteen page document to the Waterbank Commons and the Mayor. The document, which was carelessly left inside a locked car near the Waterbank News Pippen Office, was complete with reconaissance photos showing the company’s tremendous capabilities.

“It’s a mega-complex,” a source told us. “They’ve got everything from a GTFO depot to a fully functioning airfield. Oh, and full SCS combat systems. Heck they even have a firing range and sell the stuff.” (link)

UCS, which has been actively recruiting member states, is said to be courting the company,saying that “it’s a perfect example of a city-state!” Wine and cheese are currently en route to the nearest neutral airport, Laparra (SLLR) (link).

Amazing things are happening at TAG Airport and City, a transit hub that has been overtaken with a new purpose. Led by Zipperhead Wurgle and a team of minions, a new way of moving things is being created.

Though only in the teaser form now, this free kit will offer an immersive in world experience that breaks the mold. Users will be able to move items, combat in non-rez areas, exchange goods, and tens of other capabilities. There are even commercial possibilities for vendors and businesses, though the root kit will remain free.

Interested parties should contact Zipperhead Wurgle or drop by the airfield to see the progress or help with testing (link).

A taxi hit the sign in question after staring at the sign.

Prototype State Troopers are requesting that a warning sign be moved from the Glenbrook area.

“I suppose you need to warn people about unicorns and land sharks,” said one officer, “but it’s really getting people too distracted.”

Increases in river, road, and air traffic in the East and West River areas has put pressure on area leaders to rethink how their ports and airports are arranged.

“We’re looking at tomorrow, not today,” said a councilwoman in West River, “and the reality is yesterday. We should be more like the East River and ERIA – they’ve got a better handle on it.”

Abyss & Science News #93
アビス&サイエンスニュース#93 (日本語が後にあります)

This news is a update information of Abyss Group, ”Abyss Observatory”, ”the Modern Museum” and ”the Education Portal” (􀀂).
This send to visitors who visited one of our museums. If you don’t need this news, please send IM Yan Lauria “no”.
これは私たちの施設のいずれかを訪れた訪問者にお送りします。必要ない方はYan Lauria宛に「不要」とIMしてください。
13 August, 2017
Topic 1: Coral Reef, Kelp Forest and Coastal zone by Delia Lake

”Center for Water Studies” by Delia Lake was very beautiful nature sim where you could learn Coast & Marine ecosystem but was sadly off-lined in 2016.
So I offered Delia to build Coral Reef and Kelp Forest at Abyss Observatory.
At last, her exhibits are almost completed. Please visit and enjoy!

Mangrove forest and Coral reef (underwater walkway)
Kelp forest (underwater walkway)
Coastal zone of Subtropical, Temperate and Subarctic zone (Shoreline walkway)

Topic 2: Update of Abyss Group Information

I updated General Information and Land Marks of Abyss Group as follows;

トピック1:Delia Lakeによるサンゴ礁、ケルプの森、沿岸域

Dalia Lakeの”Center for Water Studies”は自然がとてもきれいなシムで、沿岸と海の生態系を学ぶことができました。ところが残念なことに2016年にオフラインとなりました。

マングローブ林とサンゴ礁 (海中トンネル)
ケルプの森 (海中トンネル)
􀀇 (underwater walkway)
亜熱帯~温帯~亜寒帯の沿岸域 (海岸沿いの通路)



Abyss Group Information:
In English: 􀀄
In Japanese: 􀀆

You will be able to get them from the information post nearby the landing point at Farwell.
アビス海文台ニュースのバックナンバーご 希望の方は、Farwellの到着点そばのインフォポストから入手できます。