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The WBA has awarded Scarlet Creative for “excellence in architecture,” making it one of several acclaimed architecture firms to receive an award this year.

“WBA has been handing out awards for architecture like candy,” said one insider at Hakuso, “but these firms are good. Really good. SC’s {Scarlet Creative} got chops when it comes to provincial – or should I say ‘Provencial?’”

The firm has it’s own location where buyers and admirers can sample a variety of well crafted homes. The homes are mostly for larger properties, but are priced at L999, making them a popular choice for the upwardly mobile. Visit their showroom at (link).


A new ship pulled into the Feral Marine main store docks today, surprising the sales staff. “We had no clue it was arriving, but there it was with the logo and everything,” one sales staff said.

The sales staff was further surprised when the crew, all dressed in military gear disembarked from the boat and calmly walked up the hill to the airport, where they boarded a C-130 with no markings and departed.

The mystery boat is still sitting at the Feral Main Store, and sales staff have told us that when they contacted the CEO, Volchia Ferduccio, she told them to “ignore it.”

The boat, believed to be Project Ripper, is rumored to be in sea trials and weapons system development. Rez Gray, the developer behind GridTalkie has been seen doing some work onboard. But he would not say a word to reporters or anyone else. Ammunition, weapons, and fuel have all been seen by the sales staff being loaded onboard.

“It’s kinda freaking me out, all this secrecy,” said one sales staff member.

A number of cruise ship captains went early to the the Andrea Doria launch (link), thinking that it was a new cruise ship, named after the ill fated Italian liner.

“We need work,” one said. “There are very few cruise ships in this world.”

The launch is actually for a new freighter, which is a high demand area of shipping.

“People need to move goods,” said one dock worker. “That’s why companies like TNT are doing so well.”

The plans taken by New Year’s heist thieves is code named “Ripper,” a new product in development by Feral Marine.

Lawyers are descending on Waterbank News as the secret documents that were allegedly stolen in the New Year’s heist have come to light.

“We found this roll of blueprints and printouts on a body in Blackslough,” an ERIA PD officer told us. “It looked like some kind of new patrol ship. While we were dealing with the body, the plans were yoinked from the hood of our car.”

The new thief was chased into the mountains behind East River Intercontinental Airport and escaped. They were later caught by a mounted patrol near the peak.

“I heard this ridiculous evil laughter and thought I had better check it out,” said the Sheriff’s Department deputy on patrol that day. “The guy was laughing like a fool until I arrested him and took the plans. The guys at the station nicknamed him ‘Mopey’ after that.”

The plans were then placed on the front desk of the Sheriff’s office in Pippen, where they were yoinked again. That, dear readers, is how you see them here.

Route 23, which passes through Northbridge is already busy, thanks to major investment from Passiac and Bergen Counties.

No slouches when it comes to big projects, the whizzes at NTBI are undertaking a massive project to improve Prototype and Northbridge infrastructure. They have already widened the county highway, put in miles of train track, set a foundation for the new SZYM factory, and a new housing development is also under construction.

“This is a wonderful development,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “Prototype is considered one of the Big Seven, and when it gets better, so does the world.”

The ‘Big Seven’ refers to sims that inspire growth in international markets, and the addition of a living community so close to an industrial and commercial hub is likely to have a ripple effect.

“NTBI moves the market,” said one investor at Hakuso Investments. “It’s so hot now that I wish I had sold my brother’s kidney to buy more.”

The Sheriff’s Department and Coastal Patrol have put in a large order for Feral Marine’s MLB (link) after it won an award from the WBA.

“If the WBA likes it,” explained a Sheriff’s Department rep, “then we like it!”

The Sheriff Department and Coastal Patrol have even gone a step further by releasing a paint (link to paint) for local departments to customize their MLBs.

“Goodness oughta be shared,” said a rep at the CP.

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Schultz Bros., an architecture and interiors firm, has won an award from the WBA for excellent building design. The WBA was particularly impressed the Old New York Series, a collection of well designed buildings from the Big Apple’s golden era.

“They’ve done a very good job, which is why people group them together with Dust Bunny or Apple Fall,” said one WBA rep.

The buildings can be viewed at Valiere (link), purchased there or at the Marketplace (link), and more news can be found at their company site (link).

A notecard from one of their buildings is after the jump, for interested parties. Read More