Products and Stores

Prototype is in the progress of adding new facilities and improvements but shoppers and visitors are being told not to worry.

“The Prototype Mall with all of your favorite vendors is open for business, and so is the Rodex Diner. You can also demo some of our emergency vehicles at a new demo stand,” explained a SZYM salesperson. Link at right and on the WSE page.

Smuggler X is seen here at Archerfield Airfield in Tulagi, among the joeys and a newly painted ZSK B-17.

Smuggler X, an admitted sand smuggler and long time fugitive, has opened a new delivery service called the Archerfield Free Post. The new delivery service has been classified as a “paramilitary postal service” by the WAA, and its legality is still under debate.

“We operate in the combat area of Greater Tulagi,” explained Smuggler X, “so its only natural that we have armored vehicles and some 50 cals to discourage parcel pilfering.”

The new company operates in a similar fashion to smuggling operations the smuggler ran before. “We have a profit sharing agreement with our pilots. Just pick up the paint (link), fly your parcels, and enjoy the profits.”

Asked about what he delivers, the smuggler laughed. “Anything you like. If you want us to deliver Claw doughnuts, packages, or even bombs, we aim to please.”