The Archerfield Waterbank News Office (link under Big 7 at right) is reporting that ZSK is actively working on a project which has been dubbed “Snubbie.”

“Actually,” said an anonymous source that was in the Archerfield Maintenance Department told us, “Snubbie is my name for it. It’s the P-47, that monster of a classic fighter.”

Rumors are circulating that the fighter in construction is capable of bombs and ‘on the rail’ missiles as well as a fierce rate of climb.

“If you know ZSK planes,” WBA President Sketch Sun told us, “then you know that this won’t just be a classic warbird. This will be a deadly piece of art.”

ZSK planes are some of the highest rated planes in the world, and regularly win awards. The stock price on the WSE (link) rose sharply after the news.


The Sheriff’s Department has been patrolling Route 10 since new businesses have come in.

As a new community of businesses and homes are building near the Chapala Rez Spot on Route 10 (link), Waterbank residents are caught in the middle of two ideas of development. On one side is the Applewood City Council, a large scale mixed city development that has postmodern cyberpunk overtones, and on the other is the newer collection of bistros, roadside businesses, and homes that are still deciding on a name.

“We haven’t picked a name,” one community member told us, “but we are different. We believe in GTFO, business, and homesteading. Applewood isn’t even finished yet, and who knows what is going on there.”

The critique that Applewood is incomplete is a real one. Despite millions invested in land, buildings, and high tech roads, the city is empty, with entire lots in need of adjustment. An airport meant for spaceships and VTOL craft has no traffic.

“Until we took over the land,” a Waterbank resident told us, “there was a haunted house on fire here. It was burning for three weeks right next to Applewood. We’d like to see them become a real city, and maybe even put in a fire hose.”

Meanwhile the community is growing and people are buying land for low prices along the coveted Route 10. “It’s close to the water, along Route 10, and there are good people there,” Grace Development told us. “It’s a good buy.”

The WBA which has been in charge of Waterbank and portions of the WMA for over a year, has appointed a Mayor in a closed corporate session.

“It’s time,” said WBA President Sketch Sun.

The move will once again return power to a civil administrator, though Waterbank citizens aren’t happy about it.

“Who is it?” Asked one citizen we found at ERIA Airport lounge. “Why haven’t we been able to vote on it? Why don’t we know the name?”

When Waterbank News asked the WBA about the new mayor, they had this to say. “Waterbank has always been parliamentary republic. We’ve taken that political framework and grafted on some solid business restructuring so that the leadership is properly insulated. The new Mayor will take over a Waterbank that is budget positive, very adaptive, and can co-exist inside other city-states. Think of it like Waterbank 5.0.”

“It kinda makes sense,” said a poli-sci professor at Waterbank University. “Half of the Waterbank mayors get assassinated.”

A vintage WSDF F-16 was taken out for a rare mission after the Acting Mayor authorized it. “Operation K-K-K-Kraken” sent the pilot out over the Blake Sea to see if reports from WFC trawlers were true, that a Kraken was out there.

“It felt good to fly again,” said the pilot, “these days the WSDF has been putting on weight.”

The Mayor’s Office did not confirm whether there was a Kraken.

When WBA President Sketch Sun made a trip to Shijima (link) for a coffeeshop meeting, he left more than just a tip.

“Sometimes you go somewhere thinking ‘yeah, another diner meet and greet’, but you get there and it’s just wow, wow, wow,” he told us. “I was so amazed by the town and the beautiful work that had gone into it that I called Waterbank News and then I called Will over at NTBI. He loves this kind of place too.”

The effusive leader of the Waterbank Business Association went on to tell us that the architect of the town, Torigara, runs a business called “::no13::,” and that Shijima is their main shop, complete with items for sale or gacha.

“You should try the curry omelette with katsu and coffee set,” Sun told us, “you won’t regret it!”