Northbridge, one of the areas of the Prototype Tri-State, has been closed off for a massive construction effort. NTBI has said nothing of the massive project, though WBA President Sketch Sun offered this insight.

“Northbridge is SZYM and NTBI, and those are mega-corporations run by visionaries. They don’t just repaint the walls. They remove the forest, lay down miles of road, and build towers in the sky. Whatever is happening in Northbridge will be big and game changing.”

In a series of events that could be from the TV series “Twin Peaks,” a WIA operative stumbled upon an abandoned vehicle, then a still burning campfire with no one there. He then went to a nearby gas station only to see that there was no one there.

Glenbrook PD were called from a NBS payphone, and they too were baffled.

“There are footprints from the van to the fire, then… none. We’re worried that it might be something animal that took these people.”