Kousera of Kousera Charters tipped us off that Roux Motors (link), has released one of the fastest sports cars in the world. Crafted by Roux and powered by GEMC, some auto watchers are saying that Roux is up and comer worth keeping an eye on.

Interested parties can go and see the vehicle in the Prototype Mall (link at right)


Rumors that Markstein is making a spy watch that can shoot, tell the altitude, and locate the nearest GFS fuel station has doubled Stock value overnight. The company has been quiet about their projects, though a trader at Hakuso insists it’s all true.

“The guy I know had a lot of drinks. There’s no way he’d make something up after that.”

Markstein can be found in Prototype (link at right – Big Seven).

Businesses are flocking to Glenbrook, and Prototype insiders are saying it has a lot to do with the “Northbridge Crew,” a subgroup in the NTBI corporation.

“Glenbrook would be nothing without Northbridge,” a Hakuso Investment manager told us. “If you didn’t have heavy hitters like Will Szymborska or Nelson Jenkins in Northbridge laying down the infrastructure, Glenbrook’d be a logging town of 3.”

Businesses like Tunisian Coffee, Sunnydale Sauces, and Grace Construction are the latest to rent out space in the Prototype metro, and the WBA thinks it’s just the beginning.

“It’s just the beginning,” they told us.

Visitors and businesses can follow the Big Seven links at right to see Northbridge or Glenbrook. —–>

The Chancellor armored limo (Szym) from Waterbank waits at the gate.

A Waterbank dignitary was refused at SZYM Towers yesterday, and the Waterbank Office of Foreign Affairs has initiated a formal inquiry.

“Yeah, there was a Waterbank limo here yesterday,” said the gate guard, “but they couldn’t get in. There’s new construction and we told them that. They just want free drinks anyway. These government types are all the same. They live on cocktail snacks and drinks.”

One Waterbank dignitary admitted that the drinks are a perk. “The new drink, the Szym Tower, is unbelievably tasty. You put a bourbon infused cherry, a lemon wedge, a splash of Sunnydale Sauces’ Tamarind Dream at the bottom, flame it with a torch, then muddle. Add a ice sphere and pour in 100% Northbridge smoked whiskey. Rim the glass with a Prototype pine cone and you have a delicious drink!”

A speed trap is set outside the Rox Oil station.

The roads between Prototype and Glenbrook have been voted as some of the best driving in the world by Auto-Truck-Wheelie Magazine, and Glenbrook Police are warning visitors.

“We may have great roads, but we also have great traffic laws,” said a Glenbrook PD rep. “Have fun on your drive and watch your speed.”

Visitors should use the Prototype link at right and drive into Northbridge and beyond to see how good the roads are.

The Health Inspector cleared Szym Towers (link) in its entirety after an inspection they said “should be a lesson to all of us.”

The inspector, who once worked in Bay Cities, said that the Rodex in Prototype also got high marks. “In Bay Cities the stardards are low – ya gotta have a couple cats in every kitchen kinda low. In Prototype you can walk in and out with a clean white glove.”