East River

This week’s photo comes from a drone that was following an East River dinosaur, which became fascinated by Elisha’s head, an animated head atop a rock near East River Municipal Airport.

It can be found here (link)

East River investigators are looking into a mysterious crash of a United City States helicopter only thirty minutes after landing at the Michie Marine compound at the mouth of the East River. Witnesses that saw the helicopter land say that something was loaded onto it and it took off shortly after landing.

“Michie is a philanthropist beyond suspicion,” said the Sheriff’s Department. “I think it’s likely that there was a mechanical failure.”

The WBA has been discretely meeting with staff at Feral Marine on Feral Marine’s pleasure cruiser, and speculation about the topic has all the customers at Pippen Hot coffee talking.

“It’s gotta be a conspiracy to take over Pippen,” said one over-caffeinated patron.

“I heard,” whispered another, “that the WBA is really just the WIA and that it’s all part of the Illuminotti.”

The barista tisked. “The Illuminotti is our special biscotti made of candied nuts.”

“I think you’re all nuts,” said the Waterbank News intern. “Just walk over there and ask them what they’re doing.”

Rumors are circulating about Feral Marine’s Tempest, the deep water patrol craft that is currently in dock at Tschotcke, Blake (link). The rumors are speculating that the company may break with its rigorous testing process and release an early “.7 version” to generate income for its increasingly expensive Sea Lion and Lynx projects.

“They’ve got these amazing products,” said Sketch Sun of the WBA, “but some of the development cost is… expensive. I don’t want to even think about how many cup holders they need to buy for the Sea Lion…”