Blake Sea and Adjacent

A WN reporter long believed to be lost was discovered at the bar at Feral Marine’s showroom (link), sharing a tiki cocktail with a monkey.

“I gots my pride,” they told us, “and I’m not comin’ back until the editor apologizes.”

When we explained that the editor had gone missing too, the reporter only laughed, refusing to say where they – or the others – had gone to.

“Let’s just say I didn’t get this monkey for nothin'” they told us. The mystery is still unsolved…


The Waterbank Intelligence Agency released a satellite photo of a Claw aircraft today, sending the Blake Sea area into a defensive scramble.

“Several islands scrambled fighter jets,” said an air traffic controller at WAA. “Others had Coastal Patrol vessels sent out, and I heard that Half Hitch sent out it’s fishing fleet armed with shotguns.”

“If you ask me,” said a source at WIA, “the Half Hitch navy armed with six packs and shotguns is the most dangerous thing out there.”

A quick conversation with Analyse Dean of Bandit Boats at Dutch Delights (link to cafe) has given this reporter some scoop on the current lineup, which is likely to feature the Skutsje, a new Bandit 50, a speedboat, and a springer tug.

The charming and humble Analyse was as delightful as the treats at Dutch Delight, and she shed only a little light on the tens of projects we believe she has in development.

“It’s good to keep a little mystery,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “she’s an excellent businesswoman and creator. Look how we were surprised by the Bambino.”

The Bambino was a release that surprised Dutchies and Boat Monthly. “We were caught off guard by this cute lil’ putter,” said Boat Monthly, “it was a beautiful surprise.”

After a tip from noted creator and philanthropist Crim Mip, Waterbank News took a trip to White Star Airport, where there are some new developments. First is the installation of Chambers Field Naval Station (link), an active duty naval base with an aviation wing. No word on what security threat they are there to deal with, but insiders at White Star say that the fliers are welcome.

The second development is a restoration of the lighthouse at, which is a popular lookout for plane watchers and ocean breezes. It is across the Dire Straits (not as bad as they sound) from what has been described as a temple of luxury and Kierna Rise Airstrip. Kierna Rise Airstrip is an unassuming grass field built on top of beach grottoes.