Human Interest

Sailors on the Blake Sea have been seeing this ship – the WWS Waterbank – more and more, and are nervous about it.

“It didn’t help that Old Man Half Hitch told me it was a ghost ship,” said one sailor we talked to at Hollywood Airport. “It really has me freaking out.”

“It came out of the mist and nearly hit us,” said another boater. “When I yelled at it no one came out. It just kept on going, without a person in sight.”

A number of coast guards have asked that boaters call in the location of the ship, which they believe might have had some mishap. “We’re not saying ‘deadly disease that could decimate the world,'” said one SLCG rep, “and we are definitely not saying ‘vengeful ghost ship that can’t be stopped with modern science.'”

Old Man Half Hitch had this to say: “I tol’ y’er.”


A new tower believed to by called “SZYM Tower” is overlooking the developing community of Glenbrook in Prototype, exciting everyone.

“There are so many rumors,” said an excitable trader at Hakuso, “there’s supposed be shopping, a TV studio, a convention space, a restaurant with a view, and much more. We’re so pumped!”

The building is currently finishing construction and will be open to the public soon. Visitors can see the progress themselves by following the link to Prototype at right (Big Seven).

An experienced pilot that has turned the shipping business on its head, Cam Maximus is a rising leader in the business community, with a logistics company spread around the world. TNT is at 15 locations, many of them key transit hubs. Waterbank News asked a few questions of the magnate, and he took time out from his morning brief for pilots that day to answer them.

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Scientists are again confounded by the Archerfield Mouse, which appears to have developed a hobby.

“They seem to be watching the planes take off and land,” said one scientist at the airfield. “One will be watching and then another one comes with some kind of food. They nibble on the snacks and track the planes. It’s very unexpected. I swear I once saw one hold up three digits once, just like they were rating the landings.”

Breaking the record for the longest time to wait for a call back from tech support, a trucker in Northbridge spent a week staring at an NBS public phone.

“After a few hours we tried to help,” said a State Trooper, “but we didn’t know how to fix it either. There was nothing to do but wait.”

The man insisted that it was worth waiting and never left the phone. “People would honk and shout as they drove by,” said the man, “and Flo even brought a meatball sub from Rodex.”

Tech support eventually called back at midnight on the seventh day. “Peoppe think I waited too long,” said the man, “but I’m still waiting for my fifth grade girlfriend to call.”