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From the press release – interested parties should join the Drivers of SL group:

GRAB A BOAT AND A CAR, OR A BOAT THAT IS A CAR! You’ll have some water and road to chew through this time.

Consider getting ready at 4:30pm, because at 5pm we let loose the Sea Dogs of Warf!

Be ready to have your Drivers of SL HUDs READY for prizes sponsored by Raimondo Harbor and Feral Marine!

Rides to be concluded by party and tunes by Bull Hui himself!!

WN has learned that the prize for this event is substantial – a beautiful prize from Feral Marine!


From the press release:
This Weekend SLCI Rocks with Press Events Tours and a jamming party. It all starts Saturday the 21st at 10 AM SLT at SLCI

Sunday the 22nd the Corsica International Air Show promises thrills – dance party and live concert follow.

It’s happening now so come on down! BUT KEEP YOUR PLANES OUT OF THE AREA!

Cannery Cove Corsica International Sea/Air Terminal – SLCI, Malrif – (LINK) ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄


Analyse Dean is one of the most charming people you will ever meet. Generous, creative, fun loving, and with a personality that can make a puppy feel inadequately cute, she is also a major player in industry.

Though her humility would not let her admit it, she has had a hand in shaping how we travel on the water, and anyone who has crossed anything bigger than a lake is familiar with her work. She’s a passionate sailor, and her craft are among the best in the world. Analyse is the mastermind behind Bandit Boats (BANBO), Boss Craft, and has been known to help other creators as well. She works with Mesh Shop regularly, and the symbiotic partnership at Dutch Harbor (link at right, under Big 7) has brought the island port to fame. In fact she has had a hand in the buildings, tunnels, layout, and culture of Dutch Harbor, making it a destination unto itself as well as a shopping paradise.

For this piece Analyse invited us to the secret lab – a sandbox full of fascinating projects that are likely to get boat lovers excited. A warning to those shoppers who are faint of heart – not all projects are as ready as they look.

Analyse was dressed for summer next to a soon to be released craft when we met. We were so overwhelmed by the sight – 180 degrees of boats and amazing buildings. “How can you keep all these projects from blurring? I made blueberry pancakes the other day, and somehow got the bacon in the middle… It’s staggering how much is going on here.”
Analyse: Hehehe, yeah, I know. And this is maybe half my projects, the other half isnt even rezzed.
“Many look like they are ready to go…”
Analyse: Well, thats relative, most of it is still pretty raw, I’d say most are at 30 to 50%, meaning it needs all the details sorted, maps sorted, all the code, all the animations, etc.
We grinned. “I guess I see lawn chairs and just assume.”
Analyse: We can do stuff quickly if needed, we had an emergency build for the SL15B, we did an entire boat in two hours 🙂
We nearly fell off the dock with shock. “2 hours… that’s like a pizza…”
Analyse: It was fun, we even built a little game around it.
“What’s next in the line up?”
Analyse: We are standing next to it, the new Bandit 50, fully BOSS3. It’s more fun to sail than its cruiser looks will make you expect, it will be a lively boat.

We chatted for a while longer until breaking news pulled us away, but we learned something else about Analyse. In her and her projects, there’s a lot more than what you see. And what you see is beautiful.

Reader game: Can you count how many projects are in the picture? Answers are after the jump!

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The Yankee Diner (link) made news again after it’s short order cook, Bobby Dandy, drew a drawing that really appealed to table 2.

“I was just doodling between orders,” said Dandy, “and one of the guys at table 2 came over and started going crazy.”

“I went nuts,” said an Advertising Executive from the WBA eating at table 2. “We had been stuck for weeks on what to do about a WBA ad, and then this guy had the idea. He’s a genius.”

“They paid me a lot,” said Dandy, “but I ain’t quittin’. I love the Yankee.”

The Sheriff’s Department has been patrolling Route 10 since new businesses have come in.

As a new community of businesses and homes are building near the Chapala Rez Spot on Route 10 (link), Waterbank residents are caught in the middle of two ideas of development. On one side is the Applewood City Council, a large scale mixed city development that has postmodern cyberpunk overtones, and on the other is the newer collection of bistros, roadside businesses, and homes that are still deciding on a name.

“We haven’t picked a name,” one community member told us, “but we are different. We believe in GTFO, business, and homesteading. Applewood isn’t even finished yet, and who knows what is going on there.”

The critique that Applewood is incomplete is a real one. Despite millions invested in land, buildings, and high tech roads, the city is empty, with entire lots in need of adjustment. An airport meant for spaceships and VTOL craft has no traffic.

“Until we took over the land,” a Waterbank resident told us, “there was a haunted house on fire here. It was burning for three weeks right next to Applewood. We’d like to see them become a real city, and maybe even put in a fire hose.”

Meanwhile the community is growing and people are buying land for low prices along the coveted Route 10. “It’s close to the water, along Route 10, and there are good people there,” Grace Development told us. “It’s a good buy.”

Pictures are coming in from the SAR, Safety, and Demo Show at White Star Airport, including this promotion from Feral Marine showing the Feral Lion, a massive tugboat that has amazed visitors. Also in the picture is the anticipated Feral Lynx which is undergoing testing.

The airport has been taken over by companies and groups, and visitors are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes to catch all of the displays.