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This article is supplied courtesy of HitCorp:

An emergency phone connected directly to MESS at a gas station.

A co-operative effort between HitCorp International, Triax and Cynx, the Mainland Emergency Service System is a project for the NBS telephone system to unify access to emergency services around the Nautilus Supercontinent and the Sansara-Atoll region. The system now covers all but Bay City (who opted out of the project) out of it’s intended coverage zone. The public can dial any local emergency number such as 911, 999, 110, 112 or 113 from a NorPhone to reach a central system if they fall within Nautilus Mainland or Island, Blake Sea, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta V, Sansara or Heterocera Atoll area codes. Emergency organizations in these areas may call (888)424-6377 to leave their information and be added to the system free of charge.
MESS Operators

The upgrade comes from HitCorp International’s Information Technology Research Section, recently connecting the beta of their secretive ERIS System to the main operator line. MESS Officials say this will drastically increase answer rates and flow of information to appropriate authorities. HCI has been tight lipped on the exact specifications of the system, however tell us it bridges the gap between existing monitoring and communications architecture, allowing operators to receive more information about emergencies, and callers to be connected directly to emergency workers in the field should it be necessary. A portion of this networked system will include automated answering in times of low operator availability, so don’t be alarmed if you hear an automated voice next time you dial 911; we’re told the system will guide you through the process. They did, however, send us photographs of some of the hardware for both systems, to satisfy the tech nerds among us.

In additional, MESS tells us that in the future, those who frequently use two way radios such boaters or pilots with an in-flight emergency may be able to call ERIS directly on the GridTalkie network to have her or human operators notify all appropriate emergency teams, while being part of the same central network as those calling the mainland service from their phones.

In the event of falling outside the coverage zone, users may dial 8889990000 to be connected directly to the system in a fairly easy to dial manner.


The Archerfield Mouse, an animal that simultaneously made the protected and kill list at the airfield has been identified as a rabbit.

“Calling it a mouse would just be inaccurate,” said a Waterbank University biology professor. “Two large ears and a fluffy tail… that’s a rabbit.”

“No it ain’t,” hiccuped a painter working on the beacon light at Archerfield. “If you saw what I saw, you’d know they ain’t bunnies. They’re way too smart for that. I once put down my sandwich on a bench and when I turned back there was an IOU.”

The VICE / MCE World War 2 combat destination of Ardennes (link) is drawing surprising crowds as anomaly travelers seek to beat the heat.

“I’ve been burning up for months,” said one traveler, “and to get some snowy combat is just what I need!”

“I bought a baguette and cheese and just sat outside in the snow,” another told us.

“Bienvenue,” an Ardennes local told us, “just don’t forget that we are in the middle of a war, here.”

In a ceremony so exclusive that the guest of honor and all of the Waterbank News staff wasn’t invited, Waterbank News named Rez Gray as Waterbank News’ Person of the Year, an award that is all the more impressive since the year isn’t over.

“He’s a titan of industry, a major economic force, and a creator without equal,” gushed the Editor in Chief of the Waterbank News. “He has created entire communication networks and his work on GTFO is bringing the world together.”

“Waterbank News’ Person of the Year Award is a big deal,” said President of the Waterbank Business Agency, Sketch Sun. “Only major contributors to society are named.”

“He would say that,” mumbled the intern at the WBA about Sun. “He was Person of the Year 2014.”

Waterbank News’ Person of the Year wasn’t available for comment, though people who know Rez say that he would be mildly amused. “He’s a humble guy with one foot in the clouds and the other on Mainland sand,” said Smuggler X, who says he first met Rez at a Dutch Harbor party. “A great guy.”