Pictures are coming in from the SAR, Safety, and Demo Show at White Star Airport, including this promotion from Feral Marine showing the Feral Lion, a massive tugboat that has amazed visitors. Also in the picture is the anticipated Feral Lynx which is undergoing testing.

The airport has been taken over by companies and groups, and visitors are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes to catch all of the displays.


Visitors are already coming to White Star Airport (link) to see one of the most anticipated events this year, the Safety and Security Demo Days. Exhibitors, including major manufacturers like Shergood Aviation and HD, will be showing off their wares in a trade show that begins tomorrow night and opens to the public at 10am on Saturday.

Shergood Aviation (pictured) is putting out new equipment for the show.

Tunes for the event will come from (Luke Flywalker & MtFB broadcasting live online). White Star Airport is accessible from air, sea, and Gridhound. Organizers have asked that visitors refrain from using giant foam fingers as they affect some of the aircraft.

Windhill City (link at right) has added more roads and is the recent winner of a driving award, the coveted “Oh Yeah Groove Music Drivey Slide Award.”

The Oh Yeah Groove Music Drivey Slide Award is an annual award, though the awarders of the prized trophy, a small record store in Glenbrook, have said that there are two this year.

“We totally are givin’ up two,” they told us. “We already gave one to the Prototype Tri-State {Prototype, Northbridge, and Glenbrook}, and now we’re givin’ it up to Windhill!”

“It’s a really fun urban environment,” said one traveler speaking of Windhill. “I also drive the backroads of Glenbrook, but if you like drifting, Windhill has some spots!”

The Health Inspector cleared Szym Towers (link) in its entirety after an inspection they said “should be a lesson to all of us.”

The inspector, who once worked in Bay Cities, said that the Rodex in Prototype also got high marks. “In Bay Cities the stardards are low – ya gotta have a couple cats in every kitchen kinda low. In Prototype you can walk in and out with a clean white glove.”

WN had an inside peek into the five star restaurant at the top of the Szym Towers thanks to a technician who was installing a beer tap behind the bar.

“I’ve been in some fancy places,” they told us, “but nothing like this. They use real copper fittings and are setting up a Sunnydale Sauces system for high end cocktails.”

The restaurant, which has yet to be named, is set to open to the public soon.

“A number of stiffs from corporate [NTBI] and some VIPs have been in,” the lobby guard told us, “so far everyone comes out happy.”

The restaurant is on the 22nd floor of Szym Towers, which can be found here (link).