The Health Inspector cleared Szym Towers (link) in its entirety after an inspection they said “should be a lesson to all of us.”

The inspector, who once worked in Bay Cities, said that the Rodex in Prototype also got high marks. “In Bay Cities the stardards are low – ya gotta have a couple cats in every kitchen kinda low. In Prototype you can walk in and out with a clean white glove.”


WN had an inside peek into the five star restaurant at the top of the Szym Towers thanks to a technician who was installing a beer tap behind the bar.

“I’ve been in some fancy places,” they told us, “but nothing like this. They use real copper fittings and are setting up a Sunnydale Sauces system for high end cocktails.”

The restaurant, which has yet to be named, is set to open to the public soon.

“A number of stiffs from corporate [NTBI] and some VIPs have been in,” the lobby guard told us, “so far everyone comes out happy.”

The restaurant is on the 22nd floor of Szym Towers, which can be found here (link).

The expansive destination of Antiquity is a late 18th century world that has been only partly civilized. There are royal courts and scenic parks, yet travelers looking to take part in royal intrigues or skirmishes on the sea still have to brave bandits and suspicious locals. There is something for everyone, all with SPD combat (optional) and a money HUD.

Travelers seeking to role play in this exciting destination may want to bring their own vessel for excitement on the seas (Furia – Blackstone Rose Shipyards link), or take a horse to speed along land journeys (Waterhorse link)

First time visitors are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the greeting room first, then can take a guided tour (which you can hop off when you like) to see this brave new world.

Introduction notecard follows after the jump if you want a head start: Read More

Good news for those who like to horse around – Waterhorse, a longstanding horse breeder with a loyal following, has bred a Quarter Horse (link) that is sure to please riders and horse lovers. Potential owners for these beautiful creatures should first visit their ranch in world, where they can demo one of the horses on a ranch with sprawling trails and jumps. A number of accessories and clothing options are also a short ride from the corral. Link to Waterhorse Ranch here (link).

One of many ports and airfields in the Greater Tulagi Region

Adventure travelers will be happy to know that there are plenty of themed sites for combat (VICE), and that some of them are large enough to allow for complicated play.

First on the list is 1940s themed Tulagi region. We’ve spend a bit of time on the large area, so if WWII aerial or naval combat is your thing, check out our other posts (link) or start at Archerfield Field (link) or the hub, Tulagi (link).

No 2 is the Binh Dinh sim chain, a five sim themed combat region for the Indochina Region (1968 to 1973). It is RP and VICE combat, and Binh Dinh (link) deliberately immersive. That means that if you just want to shoot things you’ll want a different site. There is a well written notecard quoted after the jump.

Number 3 on our list is Wonson, a North Korean VICE combat region including Serena Coco Bay (link). According to the owners, “Wonsan is a port city in Kangwŏn Province, North Korea, along the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula, on the East Sea and the provincial capital. The port was opened by occupying Japanese forces in 1880. VICE combat, sea, air, and urban warfare.”

Number 4 on the list is SSOC (Windhill City), which is technically an ECS combat location, though VICE has been used in the modern urban environment. We’ve spent some time on this location too (link).

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