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This article is supplied courtesy of HitCorp:

An emergency phone connected directly to MESS at a gas station.

A co-operative effort between HitCorp International, Triax and Cynx, the Mainland Emergency Service System is a project for the NBS telephone system to unify access to emergency services around the Nautilus Supercontinent and the Sansara-Atoll region. The system now covers all but Bay City (who opted out of the project) out of it’s intended coverage zone. The public can dial any local emergency number such as 911, 999, 110, 112 or 113 from a NorPhone to reach a central system if they fall within Nautilus Mainland or Island, Blake Sea, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta V, Sansara or Heterocera Atoll area codes. Emergency organizations in these areas may call (888)424-6377 to leave their information and be added to the system free of charge.
MESS Operators

The upgrade comes from HitCorp International’s Information Technology Research Section, recently connecting the beta of their secretive ERIS System to the main operator line. MESS Officials say this will drastically increase answer rates and flow of information to appropriate authorities. HCI has been tight lipped on the exact specifications of the system, however tell us it bridges the gap between existing monitoring and communications architecture, allowing operators to receive more information about emergencies, and callers to be connected directly to emergency workers in the field should it be necessary. A portion of this networked system will include automated answering in times of low operator availability, so don’t be alarmed if you hear an automated voice next time you dial 911; we’re told the system will guide you through the process. They did, however, send us photographs of some of the hardware for both systems, to satisfy the tech nerds among us.

In additional, MESS tells us that in the future, those who frequently use two way radios such boaters or pilots with an in-flight emergency may be able to call ERIS directly on the GridTalkie network to have her or human operators notify all appropriate emergency teams, while being part of the same central network as those calling the mainland service from their phones.

In the event of falling outside the coverage zone, users may dial 8889990000 to be connected directly to the system in a fairly easy to dial manner.


Waterbank News’ key photographer was kidnapped yesterday, making the paper photoless for the time being.

“I sent him out to take some pictures of wild flowers in the East River Mountains,” said the Editor in Chief of Waterbank News, “and it’s been five days…”

If anyone has seen the photographer, a svelte woman in her 40s wearing a feather boa, please contact the authorities. We would show you a picture, but, ya know, no photographer.

Shergood Aviation has just released the latest in its EC-135 series, a police helicopter with incredible features. On top of a Shergood Aviation core of hardware and software, the helicopter is designed for law enforcement. FLIR, IR, and EO all visible on a monitor behind the pilot, and updates as the helicopter changes position. Launch tubes with tear grenades and flash bangs have been installed for unruly crowds, and a loudspeaker helps you get your instructions out. Spotlight and a position for a SWAT sniper makes storming hostile situations easy as veal cordon blue. Rappel ropes adjust by height, and the demo that this reporter saw looked so cool he clapped for an encore.

To get a look at this magnificent beast, there is a video (link), a showroom (Grayling link), and Marketplace too.

Shergood Aviation craft are meticulously designed for real flight experiences, and are ideal for pilots that are looking for an immersive experience.

An epidemic of stolen tires, hubcaps, and lug nuts has stricken urban areas, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

“This is the first real test of our new open source police model,” said the local Sheriff in East River. “Now that each area has what they need, we’ll see if Sheriff Departments can nip the tire nippers.”
Read more about open source Sheriff Departments here (link)

The Sheriff’s Department has undergone a reorganization after the WBA determined that independent communities have a better idea of how to police themselves.

“We’re taking the Sheriff’s Department open source,” said the former Sheriff, “so now everyone can set up their own department. We’ll just offer support and some paint.”

Paints were the first order of the day too, with the sale of a fat pack of Sheriff Department paints available at an unbelievably low price (link to texture fat pack). The paints offer simple branding for some of the most used vehicles by the Sheriff’s Department.

“We love these vehicles,” the former Sheriff said, “starting with the gold standard for patrol, the SZYM Intruder (link). We also have textures for the Astaro TPF4 – a brilliant emergency vehicle (link), the PA-38 by ZSK (link)which we use to catch speeders and cover the East River mountains, the GEMC Detroit Pacific bus (link), and a Bell helicopter (link) too.”

A Sheriff’s Department vehicle is seen with the fear inducing warning “beast sight” in its back window.

A squirrel was shot and then rushed to a vet yesterday after a Sheriff’s deputy shot it while looking for the beast in East River.

“We’re all on edge,” said the Sheriff, “and the deputy is an inexperienced officer. He was using a rifle scope and was surprised.”

“Squirrels look so cute far away,” the deputy told us, “but through a rifle scope they’re big ugly beasts!”