Crime Blotter

A hunt is on in Prototype Tri-State after criminals stole a Tunisian Coffee truck and made a fake delivery to SZYM Towers.

The criminals used the beloved roastery as a cover and parked right next to the lower level exit for a quick getaway. They then proceeded to rob the Kan Salon and Tahda Mart and made their getaway.

“It was early morning,” said the guard at the front of the building, “and they knew exactly when I get my morning croissant. They timed it perfectly.”

Security cameras at the SZYM Towers captured images of the criminals throughout their escape.

“The Towers are covered by Gentek cameras (link),” said a spokesperson at the Prototype State Troopers, “and we think that Gentek has advanced software to clean up the long distance shot to give us a look at who these perpetrators are.”

The car was seen entering the Northbrook forest, where police found the stolen car near the private residence of тσηε sнιℓσvα. They believe the criminals may be still in the forest.

“They took advantage of everybody’s love of Tunisian,” a Trooper told us, “but we’ll catch’em. We’re going to take out our new Scout (link) for some backwoods huntin’!”


The Coastal Patrol is stepping up patrols in the Greater Tulagi Area, responding to increased Claw activities and a “nasty rumor.”

“I hear they’re trying to sink all the rum boats,” cried one CP pilot at Archerfield.

“It’s simply not true,” said a rep from the Claw. “The rum boats are ours.”

Both Claw and CP paints for the above Fairey Swordfish can be found here (link).

A Sheriff Department plane made an emergency landing after a draft of hot air affected its low altitude pass over a highway.

“We were already really low looking for speeders and as slow as we could go, so the air just dropped us too close to keep up.” The Sheriff Deputy told us. “It was a rural road and didn’t affect traffic. Thanks to our trusty ZSK Tomahawk we were back in the sky in minutes.”