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From TigerCat’s promotional materials:
TigerCat Aircraft announces the CVIL VIP mod kit is now available for the SA- CH47 Chinook
This third party kit will replace the current interior with a new Luxury VIP style interior. Also adds catering items to be enjoyed by your passengers, and a working slide show. No Building skills are required to install the kit; the included advanced installer script handles nearly all the installation tasks. Come See it!

Link to showroom (link)
Link to CH-47 (link)


Pictures are coming in from the SAR, Safety, and Demo Show at White Star Airport, including this promotion from Feral Marine showing the Feral Lion, a massive tugboat that has amazed visitors. Also in the picture is the anticipated Feral Lynx which is undergoing testing.

The airport has been taken over by companies and groups, and visitors are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes to catch all of the displays.

Visitors are already coming to White Star Airport (link) to see one of the most anticipated events this year, the Safety and Security Demo Days. Exhibitors, including major manufacturers like Shergood Aviation and HD, will be showing off their wares in a trade show that begins tomorrow night and opens to the public at 10am on Saturday.

Shergood Aviation (pictured) is putting out new equipment for the show.

Tunes for the event will come from (Luke Flywalker & MtFB broadcasting live online). White Star Airport is accessible from air, sea, and Gridhound. Organizers have asked that visitors refrain from using giant foam fingers as they affect some of the aircraft.

Emergency responders arrived at the Clawfoote Cafe thinking that the whole thing might have been a hoax.

“The Clawfoote is usually where we meet for lunch,” said a WAX EMT, so we kinda thought it might be someone joking.”

When they arrived however, they found three victims, an entire family that was unconscious and unresponsive.

“The Clawfoote is awesome, but there are no roads to it,” the EMT explained. “It’s boat or seaplane. We happened to be practicing air rescues, and it’s a good thing. We loaded up all three and flew to the ERIA Seaplane Terminal in Pippen (link). From there it’s 450 meters to the ERH – the hospital. It’s a good thing Xi Larnia is so forward thinking.”

The family is currently recovering at East River Hospital and doctors say that they have been successfully treated for sticker shock.

Ground crews and passengers at ERIA shared a bit of levity yesterday when a follow car, the car that directs airplanes to their gate, stopped for gas.

“I got out, put the gas nozzle in, and looked up,” explained the driver. “And there’s this 727 looming over my trunk. I guess I forgot to actually tell them to park.”

According to sources the follow car led the airliner to the gate, then went for gas. Everything seemed normal to the pilots, but the follow car never told them to park.

“There’s nothing funny about this,” complained the pilot. “You try doing a 3 point turn to back up a 727!”