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The recently opened Rocna Airfield & Marina (SLRN) (link) saw a rare belt of fog this week, surprising pilots and ground personnel.

“It’s sunny here 100 out of 100,” said a local, “so yeah, 101 is like… um… 1 more than we know what to do with.”


As spring warms up most of the world, Braniff Airport is still handling winter vacationers, and making a lot of people happy.

“It’s so close to the resorts and sights,” said one vacationer. “You can’t beat the skiing and ice skating in Chamonix.”

Braniff-Unity Chamonix Regional Airport (link) is off of Amundsen Road in Minarlo Vite, and has a full range of services for travelers. Also they have a recreational race track under the tarmac.

At the elevation of 111, it also requires some adjustment for travelers. “My ears popped 3 times,” said a young child, “now I’m waiting for the last pop!”

“It’s a great location,” said a new intern at Grace Development Agency. “And there are some reasonably priced river lots for 10000 nearby.”

A passenger that was found dead in their seat is the subject of an investigation at ERIA, and the airline has been trying to cover it up.

“They even told us we’d be fired if we talked about it,” said one flight attendant.

Little is known at the moment about the death, which other passengers failed to notice.

“I just thought he was a great guy,” said the passenger in the seat next to the victim, “he never bothered me once.”

Scenic Fiji Airfield which is home to one of the first glider clubs, is promoting the sale of the ASK13 Glider by Rene Underby. Set to go on sale tomorrow at noon, the glider can be demoed now at Fiji Island Airport (link).

Fiji Island Airport,Old Field, has a runway at Alt 28 metres 70 degrees, in Maho Beach and is perfect for propeller and gliding craft.

Glider Notecard is after the jump: Read More

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*** GTFO Cargo Haul of the Week ***
This weeks Cargo Haul, we are heading to the islands. Last week we had longer flights. This week we will be island hopping on short flights which can be equally challenging.

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* Next week will be a Truck haul, so wax up those flashy trucks. *


Archerfield Airfield’s fire response is “top notch” according to one flight crew who came in with their engines hot.

“Let’s not candy-coat it,” said the pilot of the jet, “we were on fire. They saved our bacon. Literally.”

The ZSK jet was ferrying bacon from Jadu Airport when something flew into one engine, then the other, causing a fire.

“If they hadn’t been there we’d be toast. Toast with bacon.”