Aerospace News

A SOCL team sent to the southern glacier regions has returned to the East River area after a 3 month expedition to discover the “world’s mysteries.”

“We found out a lot,” said one member, “including the fact that although you can do it, it is inadvisable to use the DHC as a recreational skiing device.”

Adventure Air’s DHC comes with skids to help with snow landings.


A new seaplane design has been undergoing testing at Dutch Harbor, and the maker is the highly acclaimed Ape Piaggo (link to store). For those who don’t know, Ape has been part of the Dutch community and a maker of high quality vehicles. No word yet on the new craft, though Dutchies are closely watching.

Shergood Aviation, the highly acclaimed rotor craft manufacturer has won another award, this time from the WBA. The “Best Commercial Aircraft 2018” has gone to the company for its CH-47 (link), a highly capable heavy lift helicopter that is used throughout the world.

“SA does an amazing job with their craft, and have earned this award,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “This award has nothing to do with the fact that an EC-135 medical lift saved my life the other day.”

From the press release:
This Weekend SLCI Rocks with Press Events Tours and a jamming party. It all starts Saturday the 21st at 10 AM SLT at SLCI

Sunday the 22nd the Corsica International Air Show promises thrills – dance party and live concert follow.

It’s happening now so come on down! BUT KEEP YOUR PLANES OUT OF THE AREA!

Cannery Cove Corsica International Sea/Air Terminal – SLCI, Malrif – (LINK) ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄


A Sheriff Department plane made an emergency landing after a draft of hot air affected its low altitude pass over a highway.

“We were already really low looking for speeders and as slow as we could go, so the air just dropped us too close to keep up.” The Sheriff Deputy told us. “It was a rural road and didn’t affect traffic. Thanks to our trusty ZSK Tomahawk we were back in the sky in minutes.”