Aerospace News

Shergood Aviation has just released the latest in its EC-135 series, a police helicopter with incredible features. On top of a Shergood Aviation core of hardware and software, the helicopter is designed for law enforcement. FLIR, IR, and EO all visible on a monitor behind the pilot, and updates as the helicopter changes position. Launch tubes with tear grenades and flash bangs have been installed for unruly crowds, and a loudspeaker helps you get your instructions out. Spotlight and a position for a SWAT sniper makes storming hostile situations easy as veal cordon blue. Rappel ropes adjust by height, and the demo that this reporter saw looked so cool he clapped for an encore.

To get a look at this magnificent beast, there is a video (link), a showroom (Grayling link), and Marketplace too.

Shergood Aviation craft are meticulously designed for real flight experiences, and are ideal for pilots that are looking for an immersive experience.


The Archerfield Mouse, an animal that simultaneously made the protected and kill list at the airfield has been identified as a rabbit.

“Calling it a mouse would just be inaccurate,” said a Waterbank University biology professor. “Two large ears and a fluffy tail… that’s a rabbit.”

“No it ain’t,” hiccuped a painter working on the beacon light at Archerfield. “If you saw what I saw, you’d know they ain’t bunnies. They’re way too smart for that. I once put down my sandwich on a bench and when I turned back there was an IOU.”

Archerfield Aerodrome has resumed operations with a number of improvements, and continues to construct new facilities.

As the above image indicates, the runways have been paved to allow for newer aircraft (and an upcoming ZSK jet), and taxiways have been added to help with the inevitable increase in traffic. Limited parking is now available too.

TTI and the flight school have been moved to the north side of the airport. Pilots should note that Runway 07-25 no longer exists and has been replaced with Runway 09-27.