Aerospace News

Posted by the West River Free Press:

A solitary Waterbank News reporter was rescued in Juneau today, shocking local residents and raising a few debt collector’s eyebrows.

“He was flailing around like a fish having a seizure,” said pilot of the Juneau Search and Rescue. “You could see it from 300 feet up, which is really saying something.”

The pilot was able to conduct a water landing and rescue the journalist, thanks to JSAR’s latest acquisition, the Shergood Aviation S61R (link). Shortly after the rescue the reporter was sent to East River Hospital, where he is reported to be in a stable condition. Police are not releasing information at this time, though one officer of local Sheriff’s Department let slip that this was the break they needed in the disappearance of an entire newspaper staff.

East River investigators are looking into a mysterious crash of a United City States helicopter only thirty minutes after landing at the Michie Marine compound at the mouth of the East River. Witnesses that saw the helicopter land say that something was loaded onto it and it took off shortly after landing.

“Michie is a philanthropist beyond suspicion,” said the Sheriff’s Department. “I think it’s likely that there was a mechanical failure.”

As Waterbank News reporters lay fallow to the summer heat, taking Kousara’s Charters to the new Belisseria (link: Bellisseria Fairgrounds (135,145,21)) or other festive destinations, they have been letting Kousara give them all the juicy news.

“You can never accuse our reporters of working too hard,” said the acting Editor in Chief, the intern.

According to them there are new vehicles at Prototype (the Lusch Motors Ajax and the Zamani Stylo), a new boat from Cat & Cry, McKeenan’s MA220 at White Star Airport (Grunion (171,68,22)), and Shana Carpool’s new Beechcraft 1900D.

Kagurazaka ChouxCream Kirino smirked as one of our reporters also asked about the new Regent HQ Roadside (another one of Kousara’s holdings, GTFO World HQ Royier (34,158,21). “It’s a major GTFO hub, I’ll send you a press release. I suppose you want me to peel those pistachios too.”

Wright Field has had a complete makeover, and this one’s had the hand of a trusted aviation expert, Zoraslade Koru.

Known for his high quality and immersive aircraft, he has turned Wright Field into a major hub for traffic. Already operational, the airport now features a new layout and 60% more runway that can accommodate large aircraft.

No one interviewed for the piece was willing to talk about whether the redo was linked to rumors that Jeogut was expecting double the amount of adventure travelers for WW2 combat experiences, but Mr. Koru did say that there was a new ZSK craft in progress, and it wasn’t the P-47.

Check out the final stage here

An observation from cartographer and global advocate Julia Raymond has pointed to the northeast corner of Jeogeot (link Salt Spray (151,247,24)), where an ocean channel looks to be linked to another continent. Linking the channel would allow billions of freight and thousands of passengers to move into Jeogeot, one of the hottest new markets.

Whether this corresponds with the recent enlargement of Wright Field, or the new crumpet service at Linden Chalet is not clear. Salt Spray (151,247,24)

Only a handful hours before the release of Shergood’s H160, buyers are laready tracking dirt onto the red carpet.

“These people,” grumbled an event planner, “are just too excited! There are another five hours to go! I’m supposed to serve canapés for the builders in half an hour and I’m afraid Ms. Shergood’s fans will eat them all!”

The H-160 and its details can be found at the website (link) and at White Star Airport, Shergood Aviation’s main showroom.