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Abyss & Science News #93
アビス&サイエンスニュース#93 (日本語が後にあります)

This news is a update information of Abyss Group, ”Abyss Observatory”, ”the Modern Museum” and ”the Education Portal” (􀀂).
This send to visitors who visited one of our museums. If you don’t need this news, please send IM Yan Lauria “no”.
これは私たちの施設のいずれかを訪れた訪問者にお送りします。必要ない方はYan Lauria宛に「不要」とIMしてください。
13 August, 2017
Topic 1: Coral Reef, Kelp Forest and Coastal zone by Delia Lake

”Center for Water Studies” by Delia Lake was very beautiful nature sim where you could learn Coast & Marine ecosystem but was sadly off-lined in 2016.
So I offered Delia to build Coral Reef and Kelp Forest at Abyss Observatory.
At last, her exhibits are almost completed. Please visit and enjoy!

Mangrove forest and Coral reef (underwater walkway)
Kelp forest (underwater walkway)
Coastal zone of Subtropical, Temperate and Subarctic zone (Shoreline walkway)

Topic 2: Update of Abyss Group Information

I updated General Information and Land Marks of Abyss Group as follows;

トピック1:Delia Lakeによるサンゴ礁、ケルプの森、沿岸域

Dalia Lakeの”Center for Water Studies”は自然がとてもきれいなシムで、沿岸と海の生態系を学ぶことができました。ところが残念なことに2016年にオフラインとなりました。

マングローブ林とサンゴ礁 (海中トンネル)
ケルプの森 (海中トンネル)
􀀇 (underwater walkway)
亜熱帯~温帯~亜寒帯の沿岸域 (海岸沿いの通路)



Abyss Group Information:
In English: 􀀄
In Japanese: 􀀆

You will be able to get them from the information post nearby the landing point at Farwell.
アビス海文台ニュースのバックナンバーご 希望の方は、Farwellの到着点そばのインフォポストから入手できます。

The East River Police and the Sheriff’s Department are looking into a video found on a mangled body in the woods only a few miles from the Feral Marine compound. On the body a video camera with a damaged cartridge was found.

“The body was found gnawed and mangled,” said a Sheriff’s Deputy, “and it really looks like something the beast would do. We’re advising residents to stay close to home and avoid the hiking trails for the moment.”

The video (link), purchased by Waterbank News, shows a new boat from Feral Marine, and appears to have been cut to promote the new luxury liner. Conspiracy theorists in East River have already suggested that the death was in fact a homicide made to look like the beast had done it.

“Feral’s very secretive,” said a Feral Marine worker off record. “This wouldn’t be the first person something strange happened to.”

East River Police say that they are looking into all possible leads.

Recent reports of a “beast-like creature” in the mountainous area behind East River’s major airport, ERIA has sent the Sheriff’s Department into the hills.

“There are plenty of trails and open land there,” said a spokeswoman for the Department. “Our drones get shot down by the residents, so we’ve taken to mounted patrols. As yet there haven’t been any reason to believe the beast is back.”

“Don’t believe a word they say,” said a mountain man on Mt. Montezuma, “they ain’t seen the crazy beast like I have.”

Below is a product report made possible by the Waterbank Business Association:

Western Quarterhorse:
The horse has been updated to version 1.3f.
– Bento fingers are no longer dislocated
– Bento Hand poses implemented
– different leading heights enabled
– Manual buttons for walk/trot/etc
– “cruise control” enabled
– better gait sounds
– graze and rear HUD buttons
– AO optimized

Grab it at the redelivery terminal if you didn’t get it delivered!

Combat divers have discovered the wreck of the Castelia, a freighter that was believed to be carrying royalty when it went down.

“This is an unbelievable find,” said Waterbank historian Sketch Sun. “The Castelia could give us answers on what happened to the Tulagi chieftain, the last remaining Duke of Archer, and what their involvement with the Claw was.”

The Castelia, one of thousands of freighters that brave the Tulagi waters, was believed to have been sunk by a submarine, and there were no survivors. Divers and combat historians can see the wreck at this link (link).