Welcome to Waterbank News!

Waterbank News! is a news site that takes stories from Second Life and weaves them together. The idea is to bring sims and people together in Second Life while letting more people know about places to go and things to do.

Wherever possible we include actual people (avatars) and actual places in Second Life (SL) in the stories, so it’s your chance for fame 😉 . There’s something for everyone –

– Sim owners can have a narrative log, traffic, an archive to see how things have changed, and a chance to share
– Vendors, stores, and builders can promote their products, tease new products, post notecards, and more!
– Roleplayers or enthusiasts can find places to have fun. After all, the stories we create make the world better 😉
– Everyone can find out what’s happening and enjoy news, tall (and short) tales, and more

Storylines that are created or reported will integrate with other storylines to make a richer experience for players and sims. You will see a lot of stories – too many to read at a glance, so use the categories or tags to find your way.

It’s a big, big world inside Second Life, so there’s no hope for covering everything, but we try to put together what we find interesting. If you’ve got something to share, talk to Sketch Sun in world and let him know. Notecards, IMs, and partnerships are all welcome!

From time to time I’ll do interviews or cover an issue that falls outside the Waterbank sphere, and you’ll see the “OOC” tag (Out Of Character) has interviews and discussion about the management of Second Life.

– – – The Waterbank Story (OOC) – – –

Waterbank is the name of several loosely incorporated communities that share a story and infrastructure. It is a civic entity that acts as a narrative bridge between stories and sims – weaving a fabric of sims that can work alone and interdependently. Either by the story, role play, or the “newspaper” you are reading, the purpose of Waterbank is to combine landscapes and ideas to let players enjoy more of Second Life.

Far too often we lose sims or find a sim too small for us – no more. By creating sims that act as bridges we not only find a bigger landscape, but discover new places as well. I encourage readers (sim owners and players) to help build these bridges, and make all of our time in SL more meaningful.

– – – The Waterbank Story (IC) – – –

Waterbank began on the Grace Canal as the governmental seat for a small town, and soon grew in size to include all manner of public and private enterprises. As it grew it became a city-state, and found itself involved with international challenges.

The best way to know the long story of Waterbank is to read through the paper (Waterbank News link).

In its prime, Waterbank was run by the Waterbank Metropolitian Authority, the executive arm of the government.

Offices found at Waterbank:

Mayor’s Office
Waterbank Police Department
Waterbank Fire Department
Waterbank Health Services
Waterbank Aviation Association
Waterbank Intelligence Agency
Waterbank Center for Disease Control
Project 53
Waterbank Self Defense Forces
Coastal Patrol
Animal Control

Separate and privately owned Waterbank enterprises:

Waterbank University
Waterbank Business Association
Waterbank Airlines
Waterbank Seafood Company
Secret Organization of the Crested Lotus (SOCL)
Waterbank Logistics
Candy Pete’s Delivery

“OCC” means “Out Of Character” and in the posts with the headline “OOC,” or marked by the this category, I’ll break from the voice of Waterbank News and blog directly about things relating to Second Life.

The Waterbank News is, as the About page says, a chance to bring people together through narrative. It is my hope that the WN will become an entertainment, archive, and guide for those in world.



This is how Waterbank saw itself when it began – a good concept for those who want to pick up the torch 🙂

Questions and ideas – send them to Sketch Sun in world.

Waterbank News Editorial Policy

The diversity of sims makes covering “news” and information in SL very time consuming. Accuracy is attempted, but not guaranteed by WN, and we do try to make corrections whenever possible. If you feel there is an error let us know.

If you have a sim or site that is difficult to understand, or get into in less than a minute (60 seconds is a long time at a landing spot), we may skip your sim. If you want coverage please let us know and ensure that there is a place to acclimate new visitors easily.

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