Adventure Travelers Rejoice in Antiquity!

The expansive destination of Antiquity is a late 18th century world that has been only partly civilized. There are royal courts and scenic parks, yet travelers looking to take part in royal intrigues or skirmishes on the sea still have to brave bandits and suspicious locals. There is something for everyone, all with SPD combat (optional) and a money HUD.

Travelers seeking to role play in this exciting destination may want to bring their own vessel for excitement on the seas (Furia – Blackstone Rose Shipyards link), or take a horse to speed along land journeys (Waterhorse link)

First time visitors are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the greeting room first, then can take a guided tour (which you can hop off when you like) to see this brave new world.

Introduction notecard follows after the jump if you want a head start:
The following is the introduction notecard for Antiquity:

Greetings and Salutations

Thank you for taking interest in role playing within the Community of Antiquity. Below are some basic common sense rules for the impromptu scenarios that will make it fun for everyone involved. Below you will find the basic rules for roleplay in Antiquity. If you have a question, you may ask for help from any of the Admins.

Antiquity is a roleplay estate, visitors and residents alike should expect a level of roleplay as part of their normal life in Antiquity. Battle meters and RT Coin HUD’s will be encouraged. Wear your titles, so it is easier to identify. All Antiquity ROE’s are also in place and must be followed.

We are a role play estate and everyone is encouraged to select and develop their character. Antiquity is not set in one time but a blend at the cusp of the late Baroque and early Victorian (roughly 1740-1850). All roles and positions, that were available in those years will be considered acceptable. Antiquity, having contact with other courts and pirate lands, set in different specific times, does not want to limit interaction due to time setting.


Citizens wearing an Antiquity group title, with out a battle meter, will be considered unarmed, and may not be attacked with weapons but are encouraged to wear coin hud. Wearing an SPD battle meter implies you are ready for battle or rp involving the SPD meter and are open to robberies and other impromptu scenes. Antiquity residents are asked to wear their group titles for identification and RT Coin HUD’s while in Antiquity to help enhance the roleplay.


Visitors from like minded estates, must wear their estate group title and RT Coin HUD’s while visiting in Antiquity and follow all the rules of the Antiquity Code of Ethics. If there is a dispute, role play will stop, and an admin will be called to settle it. Envoking “Parley”, will halt rp and an Admin will be called in. Visitors titles will be recognized on a Court by Court and person by person basis with diplomatic ties taking the lead for determining title acceptance.


Visitors: New and non roleplay visitors, may participate in a limited way with out interrupting ongoing role play. Residents are encouraged to speak to the visitors in character, and offer them a lm to the Antiquity Visitors Center. They may observe, and visit in the local taverns, but may not interrupt if an ongoing roleplay. Visitors from like minded roleplay estates and collaborators with Antiquity may participate, but must follow the rules of Antiquity while here. Visitors with out battle meters will not be engaged in weapon roleplay.


Private Homes: Considered Safe. Private homes, may not be entered unless it is an establish part of a roleplay or, the owner has allowed it on his property. Residents pay real money for their home and should have a level of privacy inside their home. Meters are not required inside private residences unless part of a roleplay.Yards or outside the residence may be entered, but only as part of a roleplay, standing and staring will be considered stalking. If a door is locked, you may not enter and is considered off limits to rp.

No meter reset during rp. If you die you die.

No cheating, editing ships or other forms of unfair play.

No Rape, Slavery or Sexual Roleplay

No child sexual roleplay or creepy stuff.

No ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, gender, disability or any other offensive slurs.

No outside Drama or Attitude that disrupts the community.

Keep realistic. No shooting from across sims unless the weapon would reach in rl situations.

Doors, unless they are spd, should be unlocked to allow entry during rp unless pre agreed.

Teleporting will be discouraged during roleplay. If you must teleport, teleport to one sim next to your destination and enter by traditional means of transportation


If you are engaged in a scene, you may not teleport someone to help you. All people must arrive from away from the rp scene site to keep it realistic. Walk, swim, ride a horse, sail a ship, take a carriage to your destination.
The more people moving around on land and seas, creates more opportunities for the rp scenes.

Nobles, Merchants and citizens of the north, when traveling in lands in the south, should be prepared to be insulted, ridiculed and possibly robbed. Pirates, while visiting in the North, should be prepared to be questioned, followed and arrested if a law is broken. Neutral areas, will be paroled by the military and law of Antiquity, but ones safety cannot be guaranteed. One can expect salty language and a bit of mischief in these areas.

All events on the calendar are considered neutral events, unless stated specifically, and all are invited to come and mingle with out fear of arrest or robbery. We may be north and south, Noble, Pirate or Military..but we are all Antiquity and family. Even the best families have troublemakers.

Try to respect each other. We are all family here, and have feelings. Personal disagreements should be kept out of rp. Play nice and try to get along is all we ask. Rp and Battle rivalries are just that, rp. Try to stay in character as much as possible, even in group chat.

Thank you and Welcome to Antiquity

Antiquity Administrators and Residents


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