Everybody’s Got Their VICE – A Few Combat Locations

One of many ports and airfields in the Greater Tulagi Region

Adventure travelers will be happy to know that there are plenty of themed sites for combat (VICE), and that some of them are large enough to allow for complicated play.

First on the list is 1940s themed Tulagi region. We’ve spend a bit of time on the large area, so if WWII aerial or naval combat is your thing, check out our other posts (link) or start at Archerfield Field (link) or the hub, Tulagi (link).

No 2 is the Binh Dinh sim chain, a five sim themed combat region for the Indochina Region (1968 to 1973). It is RP and VICE combat, and Binh Dinh (link) deliberately immersive. That means that if you just want to shoot things you’ll want a different site. There is a well written notecard quoted after the jump.

Number 3 on our list is Wonson, a North Korean VICE combat region including Serena Coco Bay (link). According to the owners, “Wonsan is a port city in Kangwŏn Province, North Korea, along the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula, on the East Sea and the provincial capital. The port was opened by occupying Japanese forces in 1880. VICE combat, sea, air, and urban warfare.”

Number 4 on the list is SSOC (Windhill City), which is technically an ECS combat location, though VICE has been used in the modern urban environment. We’ve spent some time on this location too (link).


A note from Binh Dinh (link):
We are presently 5 Sims (with plans to add more over time) representing different aspects of the critical years of the Vietnam conflict – roughly from 1968- 1973. US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, North and South Vietnamese regular Army and Air Forces, Vietcong and civilians are all represented here. Four distinct land areas and 1 sea area provide a realistic backdrop for period role play and land/air/sea combat.

While Vice combat is a big part of what we do here, please do note that we are NOT a wild west, run-and-gun, shoot-em-up, all-about-me, sulk and pout if I get killed region. If that sort of thing appeals to you, there are many excellent places in SL that can provide it.

Instead, we want to recreate the look and feel of the time, and provide participants and visitors with a realistically detailed place to participate in and experience this much misunderstood time and place in history. We are principally a role play community set in the time and place of the Vietnam conflict. If you are interested in seeing what life was like aboard an aircraft carrier in a combat zone in 1970, you can do that. If you would like to be part of an active US Army aviation brigade, you could do that too. Or maybe the idea of becoming a freedom fighter, struggling to rid your homeland of foreign occupiers appeals to you. We’ve created the environment for you so that you can create the stories that happen within it.

We are working hard to re-create the decisive, final years of the Vietnam conflict within Second Life as a realistic role playing and Vice combat environment. We take no political position and have no bias toward or against either side. Everyone is welcome to visit or to participate in whatever way – and on whichever side – suits them best. (Provided only that they inform themselves of our rules, abide by them, and treat others here with courtesy and respect.) Please take a copy of the rules and look them over, they are just to the right.

We do ask that visitors be (and act!) 16 years old or older (RL). Because we are working to present a realistic environment and because role play and/or combat may be in progress at any time, we ask that only human avatars be used on our Sims. We have nothing against non-human avatars, they just do not fit the historical theme we are trying to create here. We are exclusively 1968 – 1973 Vietnam themed. Clothing, vehicles and equipment must fit the theme and era. (We usually make an exception for first time visitors, but please respect the role play of others.) Weapons, boats, aircraft and other vehicles and equipment must be “VICE” enabled. The idea is to provide an environment for realistic role playing and combat missions, and to provide a location for you to become a part of history and bring it to life by experiencing it – or creating it – first hand.

We hope you will enjoy what we are creating and bring your own ideas and stories here. If you have questions or would like more details and information about any of these positions, look around at some of the other information available here in the Welcome Center. If you cannot find what you are looking for, drop a Notecard in the red mailbox along the rear wall or contact any of the Owners. Someone will contact you with a response, normally within 24 hours.

We thank you for stopping by.

The Owners

Yan Aboubakar
Hmmmph Duncan (Hmmmph Stenvaag)
Sidney Pobieski
Oliver Jumanya


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