Bandit Boats and The Mesh Shop Release Dixie Belle

This picture shows the Dixie Queen in the background, which is larger than the Dixie Belle.

Bandit Boats and the Mesh Shop have released the Dixie Belle (link), a 19th century paddleboat that has been expertly crafted and scripted.

Among the animations and spacious accommodations is a new addition to the boating world – a clever blackjack game. The boat is GTFO ready (no install required).

The Dixie Belle is only available in world at Dutch Harbor (link at right).

More information after the jump:

From the official notecard:

“DIXIE BELLE is 275Li moored, up to 382Li with the lights on and all the cargo showing and seats 6 people.

DIXIE BELLE is the first of three 19th century paddle steamers, and is therefor the older sister to DIXIE TOW and DIXIE QUEEN.

DIXIE BELLE is compatible with GTFO and features animated loading and unloading, more info on:

GTFO hud sold separately:

Some background on the SL version of DIXIE BELLE can be found here:


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