Forwarded Linking Technique

Forwarded from kain.xenobuilder:

“Linking in SL is a mess, you link something to something, and oh no it broke. Because all the Link Numbers have changed!
This notecard explains the few steps how to link things together without breaking the order of link numbers in the original object!

This notecard assumes you know the following skills:
SL Edit tools
Linking and Unlinking objects
Modifying objects

It is useful to stop the scripts from running in selection while messing around with the linkings
Build -> Scripts -> Set scripts to not running
Now onto the steps!

1. Unlink the root/main prim of the object
2. Select the stuff you want to add – can be another linkset, or just a single prim, if its multiple objects, link them together first, selecting them in reverse order, from last to first –
3. Select the object you want to link this to (The one you unlinked the root prim of)
4. Select the root prim of the object you unlinked earlier
5. Link them together!
??? Profit!

Now your item has been linked nice and tidy, with preserving the original link numbers
You can turn the scripts back on
Build -> Scripts -> Set scripts to running

The reason why this works is because SL counts link numbers when linking in reverse of selection order, so the first thing selected is the last (highest) link number, and the last thing selected is the root prim.

Now you dont need relinker scripts!


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