FM Honcho Looks For Applicants

After restoring a political order to the East River, Governor Chia has created a few roles to assist in the administration of the redrawn areas, offering incentives – including financial – to those hired.

– Town Manager of Helvellyn, a significant job that includes handling rentals. A full description comes after the jump.
– Night Club Promoter, a person who can promote and run a nightclub in Helvellyn
– Lackey, an all around whipping person and scapegoat

More details follow after the jump:


I am looking to hire a manager for the Free Town of Helvellyn.

This person would be responsible for the entire town. This includes, but is not limited to. managing the shop rentals, making necessary building alterations to suit renters needs and desires. Making sure the renters are happy. Answering any questions that may be asked.

This person will also be responsible for making the town work. There is a nightclub (Club Prowl) that I would like to see used. there are plenty of shops to be rented. the entire town needs to be revitalized and I am looking for the person that can devote the time and energy into getting it done.

Pay: This person will get a percentage of all rentals as well as a percentage of any income generated by the nightclub or events hosted by the town.

Events hosted and planned by the renters will be exempt from this arrangement unless town resources are used for the event. At that time appropriate charges will be discussed with the renter.

The person I am looking for should be well versed in the history of the ERC. They should be CUSTOMER FOCUSED. And finally dedicated to keeping the theme and feel of the town alive and well.

If you are interested please send me a NC. This NC should explain to me why you feel that you would be the ideal candidate for this job. Also, list any qualifications you have.

Thank you!


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