Reprint: Abyss & Science News #92

Reprinted from: Abyss & Science News #92
アビス&サイエンスニュース#92 (日本語が後にあります)

This news is a update information of ”Abyss Observatory”, ”the Modern Museum” and ”the Education Portal” (􀀁).
16 March, 2017 Topic: Guided tour of Verne’s Nautilus reconstruction

It is believed that Jules Verne made a rough arrangement of Nautilus when he wrote “20,000 leagues Under the Sea”. Many researchers tried to reconstruct the arrangement but didn’t succeed enough due to several deviations in the novel.

Yan Lauria, motoko Moonwall and Aley (Arcadia Ashylum) reconstructed Nautilus based on both the novel and feasible design and operation of submarine.

Yan will give a guided tour of the Nautilus at St. Michell- The Jules Verne Museum.

When? 18 Mar (Sat) at 8 AM PDT/ 15:00 GMT
Location link here

More details after the jump:

Remark: Speaker uses voice chat in English and Shared Media.
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ヤン、motoko Moonwall と Aley (Arcadia Ashylum)の3人は原作の記述と、潜水艦としての設計と運用の実現性に基づいてノーチラス号を復元しました。
その見学会をSt. Michell- The Jules Verne Museumで行います。



Abyss Group Information:
In English: 􀀃
In Japanese: 􀀄

You will be able to get them from the information post nearby the landing point at Farwell.
アビス海文台ニュースのバックナンバーご 希望の方は、Farwellの到着点そばのインフォポストから入手できます。


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