Archerfield Goes to War – With New Residents


Archerfield Airfield, home to ZSK, Two Tangos, and Waterbank News is now home to new residents, and the mechanics hate them.

“They get into everything, eat, procreate, and then never stop squeaking about it. Some of us have to work,” complained one mechanic.

“Yeah,” said another, “I found three of them laying on the back seat of a PA-38, too tired to move. Everyone’s gotta right to their lifestyle, but ya gotta draw a line somewhere.”

“You really can’t expect anything else,” explained a Waterbank University biology professor. “They are mice, after all. Actually, the Archerfield Mouse is considered the dolphin of the rodent world. Just look at their lifestyle and you can tell they’re smarter than the reporters at that airfield.”


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