BofW Shows Its Love, WSE Jumps

The WSE was active today as several key stocks made large jumps in value. First was Bank of Waterbank (BOFW) which split its shares after a record year, rising to over 340.

“It’s a massive growth, since they split it and then the price shot up,” explained an investor at Hakuso.

Next shares of GEMC and NTBI saw rises as rumors of anti-trust were cleared away, and both companies says rises of over 100. Vehicle manufacturers like Feral (FM) and Niosaki (NioS) saw bumps on speculation of new products, and ZSK saw a record jump after rumors that their new jet was a week away and that they already had another classic warbird in the works.

“It’s late to buy ZSK stock,” said an insider at the WBA, “but I’m sure it will go up again.”


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