ERPA Takes Lead in Police Gap

The original structure in Selby (link) has been streamlined.

The East River Port Authority has rescaled operations to fit the ever-changing East River, downsizing some facilities while adding new substations in other locations.


“We needed to change to meet the new reality,” said ERPA Commander Arianna Blackheart. “With the economic crises in the ERC due to the devastation from the Zombism at ERIA and the crab scourge we decided to downsize a bit.”

Recent events in the East River have affected the civil administration of East River, but ERPA second in command Lt. Underland (яσмαи undєrlαnd (channelstrip) assured the Waterbank News that ERPA would be there to stay. “We’ve got new air assets, and new craft from Feral coming. We’re here and ready.”

“Piracy, smuggling, and catnip is up on the river,” an East River Policewoman told us, “but we’ve got no worries. ERPA’s been there every time.”

ERPA still actively patrols the river and has been unofficially credited with a drop in piracy.


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