Oniakaloha Airfield Bested By Archerfield As Best Explorer’s Airfield

archexp An amateur explorer starts out from Archerfield to see uncharted areas.

Archerfield Aerodrome (SLAL) -link- was this year’s choice as Best Explorer’s Airfield according to Explorare Circum, the elite explorers digest. The digest is a tri-annual publication sent to officially recognized explorers and covers the intricacies of professional exploration. Inside the digest there are articles such as the one that named Archerfield to help explorers get started, and ads for equipment like the classic exploring land rover (link). Waterbank News was able to see the latest copy when it was left out on Sketch Sun’s desk at the WBA (no, you won’t get it back).

The airfield was chosen over the previous year’s choice, saying that the Tulagi region is “full of undiscovered treasures and wonder.” It also said that “the threat of combat makes the explorer’s senses acute.”

sloalocation Oniakaloha Airfield SLOA, Cardona (link)

The previous winner, Oniakaloha Airfield was across from the medieval Meauxle Bureaux, and had won for two years in a row.


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