Lindbay Blaze Battled By HCI

kqqo8eq Photo and story: Tatyana Thomas
Lindbay Officials confirmed a vicious blaze had taken hold yesterday with in the Village’s townhall and courthouse, also housing the Virtual Law Center. Responders arrived from the nearby “Lebeda Emergency Station” staffed by HitCorp Fire Prevention Services and Phoenix Medical Response to tackle the inferno.

As a quick-thinking neighbor photographed the first response and contacted Waterbank News, HCI fire teams raced to set uphoses and rescue people. Observers noticed that one of the responders was walking funny.

“I’m not with HCI,” the responder told us, embarrassed. “I’m with Lindbay FD. I guess in the rush I put my pants on backward. With all the commotion, I never had time to put them on right. I mean what’re ya gonna do? Take off your pants with a bunch of Waterbank News reporters around? That’s a bad idea!”

The cause of the fire is still currently unknown, however Investigative personnel from the Village of Lindbay Police and arson specialists from HCI’s Intelligence Services Section are working to determine if foul play is suspected. No one was reported injured, and authorities report the building was empty at the time.


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