SOCL Exchanges Maps With AERO, New Wrecks Uncovered

After SOCL agreed to an exchange of maps between itself and AERO, several wrecks were uncovered.

“We’re delighted,” said a professor at Waterbank University. “We now know about a lost Viking vessel and a submarine prototype thought to have been destroyed.”

AERO, an organization for exploration, began as SLUMA, and now boasts more members and a headquarters in Muirhead.

People interested in joining AERO can get more information after the jump:

From the Desk of Director Northman,

I am very excited to welcome you to our merry band of adventurers! AERO has been something I have wanted to put together for quite some time, and finally, with much thanks to Indigo Mertel for opening the facilities, this dream has come true. I look forward to all the discoveries and adventures that await us.

Fair winds and blue skies,
Drewski Northman


So…what is AERO?

AERO is the Agency for Exploration and Recon Operations. We are based at Station Muirhead in the East River Federation, on Sansara. Our goal is to explore the seas, skies, and outer reaches of the grid in search of lost artifacts, sunken treasures, and answers to some of the grid’s most pressing mysteries. Please feel free to visit our headquarters at Station Muirhead, in the East River Federation.


What does AERO do?

AERO operates to explore the far corners of the grid in several ways:

1) Sea: the vast sea floors of the grid contain many mysteries and wonders to behold. AERO seeks to dive, catalog, and when possible, bring up lost treasures. We currently have a research station in the middle of Fanci’s Deep, south of the Blake Sea to facilitate our undersea goals, headed up by our divemaster Alleyne Swordthain.

2) Air: The SecondLife grid is in constant geological change. New sims pop up seemingly overnight. The best way to get a view of the changing landmass is from the sky. Trained pilots can navigate the banlines, security orbs, and other pitfalls of the grid to research the farthest reaches and return to base. Our Aerial Command Center is based in Takosund, Second Norway.

3) Space: New breakthroughs in technology have allowed AERO scientists unprecedented views into the night skies in search of planets. Ever wonder what’s out there? The Stellar Cartography program seeks to use radio telescopes and satellites more powerful than Cassini to find habitable worlds.

Who can join???

We are in need of avid scuba divers, sailors, pilots, and brave explorers. Are you a photographer? Would you like to take breathtaking undersea photos, documenting extraordinary finds? We also are looking for content creators and builders, artists, and DJ’s. There are many ways to get involved with AERO, even if you are afraid of the water or not a very skilled pilot.

Partnership with Open Seas Project

After discussion with Indigo Mertel, AERO is partnering with the Open Seas Project to help preserve the mainland waterways from ban lines and other obstacles. A side objective of our expeditions will be to look out for these, and when possible, follow the tips provided by the OSP in this notecard:

What kind of gear does AERO recommend?

There are many different AO’s and swimming helps out there, but here are a couple of choices if you are a first time diver looking to get started with AERO:

HEPS virtual dive system is by far the most immersive scuba HUD on the grid. It is highly recommended for use on our expeditions.

Also, NDiver has very classy scuba gear at reasonable prices. All of the NDiver gear works with the HEPS BCD control hud. Also, they will be partnering with us to provide us with state of the art wetsuits and gear.


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