Dani Loses Appeal in Waterbank Superior Court

Case DAN-00045L, nicknamed “Dan-Dan in the Can-Can,” lost its appeal in Waterbank Superior Court yesterday, allowing Waterbank courts to pass judgement on the aircraft company. In a long winded statement that echoed many in the aircraft industry, the judge condemned the company.

“They failed to satisfactorily show originality in the design process, and have continued to sell to an unsuspecting public. The testimony of their peers was illuminating, and it falls to this court to ensure that within the jurisdiction of Waterbank, all Dani craft are seized, destroyed, and recycled. Damages and restitutions to Waterbank citizens will have to be made in a separate suit.”

  1. You know, the drama over Dani’s aircraft has pretty much gone away at this point in the SL aviation community. Most of us see this as a good thing. Whomever the author of this bit of non-news is, really should find another dead horse to beat on, because there’s not much left of this one.

    • Thank you for your opinion. It may be an ugly looking horse, but it’s still walking around. People still are buying and flying the craft, so a few words as to tell those who hadn’t noticed the issue isn’t a bad thing.

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