WBA Commissions Megaproject Black Pippen Project


The WBA has commissioned a massive megaproject impact study for the Blackslouph Pippen area (Black Pippen) to see what it would take to relocate key infrastructure from the East River into Black Pippen. The plan that was returned to the WBA from Grace Development’s intern was more than what anyone could have imagined.

“To fit all the key departments and necessary government functions in ERC – people that currently are spread over a large area – you have to rethink the space,” the intern explained. “For starters, you need to use the space under the ERIA tarmac, and build a town under there. Some of the buildings can be empty support columns for the tarmac, but you need some space for parking and a new civic center. In Plan 957 A we imagined that Governor Chia is taking a major role in river politics, and that having several GTFO cargo facilities would drive the economy of the area.”


The plan also calls for the construction of a “Grand Central” railway station, cargo docks on the river, and a “taller more pragmatic” hospital in Pippen. A network of roadways underneath the airport would allow for more vehicle traffic, and the intern placed the controversial “Pippen Highway” just under the tarmac.

“I’m a sucker for high speed chases,” he explained.


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