Political Shakeup in ERC

Governmental bodies are already squabbling over the political landscape in East River, leading to a number of new turf conflicts. The clamor has grown to alarming levels, so a number of community leaders have turned to the WBA for guidance.

“They’ve been there,” said an East River Councilperson. Suggestions from the WBA include power sharing agreements and assigning new roles for area leaders.

“In some cases existing power structures can remain. The East River Chamber of Commerce and the East River Council are foundations of the area, and can adapt easily with the change. Other institutions such as the East River Committee for Hellvelyn Superiority need to be removed,” said a WBA white paper released earlier this week.

Waterbank Universty suggests a pyramid where a council of governors meets with mayors to formulate regional policy while allowing individual areas their own autonomy. “That way the Mayor of Muirhead Town might enforce a strict artist only tenancy, but still maintain the Barretts Not Ferrets law that was passed in Kirkstone. It’s better for everyone that way,” explained a Waterbank University Law professor.

Community wide resources, such as the East River Police and the ERC Library System would answer to regional leadership while required to respect local ordinances. “In the case of conflicts – say a high speed chase from Muirhead into Mowry – acting enforcement would call for approval from the Mowry Mayor before apprehending the suspect.

“It’s gonna end up that some communities will be safe havens for crooks,” said the ERPD Chief.

“Most mayors will want to help community services,” a Waterbank lawyer refuted, “no one wants criminals running into their backyard.”

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