Official Statement on ERC Released

From the original:

Statement on the Current and Future Status of the Community:

Citizens of the East River Community, friends, and supporters, I feel that it is right to inform you of some events transpiring in the ERC.

As many of you know, Indigo Mertel, along with several others, founded the ERC several years ago based on the dream of residents working together to carve beauty out of the chaos of the mainland. She has lead the community for 8 years with grace and ingenuity, and she owns a vast swathe of the core of the East River Community, in the following sims: Brooks,Cook,Grizedale, Hardknott, Helvellyn, Kirkstone, Macclaine, Meyers, Mowry, Muirhead, Munck, and Whinlatter.

Due to unforeseen RL circumstances, Indigo has had to make the extremely difficult decision to downsize her SL land holdings. This was not at all easy for her, as this place is her dream, and she has poured so much more than money into it. She has been working with us in the Steering Committee for the last several days to come up with a solution that will preserve the beautiful icon that is the East River region.

We cannot ask any one person to take on the financial burden that Indigo has taken on for the last several years. However, we are looking for a small group of people to take a more active role in leading the community and contributing tier. We are already in talks with several individuals, and are looking for more. Indigo has agreed to gradually reduce her tier contributions to the group over the next coming months as well, so this will not be a drastic, dire situation for us.

If you wish to join in our efforts to preserve and revitalize this amazing community, or if you know someone that is interested in doing so, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you all for making the ERC the creative, innovative, fun, beautiful place it is today. I look forward to even more of that in the future.

-Drewski Northman: Steering Committee Representative.

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