Fugitive Lawyer Flies In New ZSK Jet


Baker & Sun’s Law Firm’s “Partner News” blog shows photos from, and describes how the Fugitive Lawyer recently went on a set of trials for the upcoming ZSK release, a private jet. In the article the Fugitive Lawyer says that the new ZSK jet is unlike anything he had ridden in, comfortable and with a “smooth, gliding flight.”

The photos include a shot of the jet at a racetrack, where ZSK engineers are said to have tested the handling of the craft on the ground as well as in the air.


“It was really something to see them drive the course with the jet,” the Fugitive Lawyer said.

ZSK has not given a date for the release, and law enforcement remains frustrated at the elusive Fugitive Lawyer.

  1. As of 18:00 PDT, we have had reports of a middle-aged male wearing a black suit trespassing into our ZSK facility and taking pictures of a top secret aircraft that is in development. Local and Federal law enforcement agencies have been notified and are actively searching for this individual. If you have any information on the location of this person please contact Two Tangos Inc.

    ZSK Team

  2. And for further clarification, the Jet is capable of drifting through a hair-pin turn without losing momentum.

  3. WN Update: Reports continue to come in about the Fugitive Lawyer and his strange ability to access secure sites. “He’s really rich – I mean persuasive,” said one anonymous source.

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