Feral Marine Releases Patrol Craft


Feral Marine has released the same patrol craft that only recently saved a couple during its sea trials. The craft, a RB-L Patrol has new engine technology, several spotlights, and a combat tested hull. To sweeten an already capable craft, they offer free SCAR rifles with the craft.

Coast guards have already been looking into the craft, and rumors of the Coastal Patrol abandoning cocktails for a month to pay for one have also been circulating.

“It must be some boat for the CP [Coastal Patrol] to consider giving up their cocktails,” said the Claw spokesman. “One of them recently suffered from third degree burns rather than give up a last round at bar that burned down in Prototype.”

Found in the Marketplace (link), prospective buyers will soon be able to test it at the Feral Marine Blake Sea location.


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