ERIA Zombism Contained!


News has come in that the Zombism outbreak at ERIA has been contained and cleanup operations are underway. The weeks long contagion tested the resolve of emergency responders and in a state of emergency, Regional Governor Chia called on the public to help.

hitcorperia HitCorp Inc.’s office at ERIA was boarded up and charred from fire containment practices.


Photographs of a Project 53 vehicle with emergency vehicles in the background greatly alarmed Waterbank citizens who recalled when Waterbank was conducting dangerous programs at Grace Canal. The trucks appeared near the end of the contagion, and there has been no official comment.

“It’s safe to say,” said one ERIA PD officer, “that Waterbank was no help at all during this whole thing.”

Official statement after jump:

Zombism outbreak contained
Tue, Dec 27 2016 6:19:10 PM PST

Ladies and gentlemen,
The unfortunate outbreak at ERIA has been identified as zombism. Once identified we were able to contain the outbreak with the help of the Sansara Sheriffs office, Hitcorp Inc., Central Pierce Fire and Rescue, ERPD, ERPA, and many many volunteers.

Thank you one and all for cleaning our airport. Airport services are cleaning up now and will be returning to normal shortly. All agencies that responded to the crisis, thank you, and you are clear to take back all equipment.


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