Vanity Photos of Claw Op Emerge


Vanity photos taken by a Claw crew have emerged on social media, and show how the reclusive criminal organization is using ordinary sailing vessels.

“The Claw uses every kind of vehicle, and these photos show them using the Bandit 55 to spy on Hollywood Airport,” said the WIA spokeswoman. “Recently they have been offering intelligence to criminal groups, the same way that WIA offers intelligence to law enforcement. The difference seems to be that they post selfies.”


The pictures show a three person crew taking notes and mooring off the airport, though what exactly they are looking for is not clear.

“A number of VIPs and shipments of valuables go through Hollywood,” said the WIA spokeswoman, “they could easily sell the info to anyone. Right now coast guards make no effort to board suspicious vessels, so it’s open season for the Claw.”


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