New Shergood Release Wows Viewers, Sells Fast


Kelly Shergood’s newest S-64 Skycrane is still in Beta, but already it has impressed test pilots and early buyers. The beautifully crafted utility helicopter has a realistic startup and flight system, along with a winch (crew or individually operated).

As with other Shergood Aviation releases there is a tremendous attention to detail and realism that is sure to appeal to buyers.


The beta version is on sale and display now at Grayling Airport and Kelly Shergood is hoping for a pre-New Years release of the final. A pilot we caught up with at Grayling said that the beta is “pure joy” and had an alarming look of excitement on their face.

The S-64 is an aircraft that is already in high demand, and is likely to become a staple of the airways. “It’s a perfect fit,” said Sketch Sun, President of the Waterbank Business Association. “The biggest industry in our world is construction, and the Skycrane is built for heavy loads. I see an award in the future for Shergood Aviation.”


Shergood Aviation (SHAV) stocks have been rising since the release of the helicopter.


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