Grace Development Pippen Plans Found in Bathroom


More Pippen plans have been found in a bathroom near the Grace Development Agency office, showing some of the unusual ideas that their intern had.

“Plan 907-B is a good example of how innovative the intern is,” said a Waterbank University professor of architecture. “He departed completely from plan 907A and adds a space launch center, a hospital bridge, and a new entrance for ERIA.”


The plans, which appear to have been bathroom reading for someone, all have different thoughts on how to redesign the transit hub. WN called the intern to see his thoughts on 907B.

“Yeah, it’s ok. I like the hospital bridge, because medevac is such a big thing these days, but it’s not as good as 907 C.”

Plan 907 C wasn’t in the bathroom pile, nor has anyone seen it.

“I want to get it just right,” said the intern. “Just right.”


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