3rd Cordon Breaks!


The third cordon around an ongoing Zombism infestation at East River Intercontinental Airport was broken yesterday, and was not contained until this morning.

“There were emergency personnel and zombie hunters inside the terminal, but somehow one of the chompers limped past the security detail and bit a WAX EMT. Then it was mayhem for two hours,” recalled one Sheriff’s Deputy.

According to survivors on the scene all of the Pippen administration were called out to fight back the zombies, and witnesses say that a bandoliered Chia and a dual gun toting Elisha Paklena threw themselves into a horde to fight them back. Xi Larnia drove a solar powered truck into one side of the horde, forcing them against the ERIA retaining wall for “easy removal” as they put it.

By 7 AM the third cordon was back in place and the WBA sent specialty coffee drinks to the exhausted combatants. Pippen Hot’s latest espresso drink, the “Bite Back” seems to have been a big hit, inspiring several fighters to get back in.

The Bite Back:Two espresso shots, two drops of strawberry liqueur, one drop of Tabasco, and a dallop of patented Pippen cream.


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