Grace Development Refuses Rejection, Inundates Local Governor With Plans


Never one to let rejection stand in the way of progress, the intern at Grace Development Agency has sent stacks of plans to the Pippen governor for a redesign of the Pippen waterfront.

“We just casually mentioned thinking about some changes at a party,” said the Head of Urban Development for Pippen. “But that intern is very strong willed.”

The plan that Grace Development is most excited about is plan 907-A, a plan that allows most of the buildings in Pippen to keep their footprints and building a large dry dock next to the ERIA Seaplane Strip.

The plan comes at a time of crisis for Pippen, as a zombism outbreak has threatened the transit hub.


The most disruptive part of the plan is the rerouting of roads, which calls for widening and straightening the road alongside the airport and moving the existing waterfront road.

The Office of the Governor has not given an official response to the plan, though the Pippen District Attorney has received a request for a restraining order.


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