Zombism Outbreak Affects East River, Threatens Transit Hub


The contagion at ERIA has resulted in a complete shutdown of the airport, as the zombism crisis affects a wider area. Trains have stopped running, the airport is in lockdown, and sales of boats as a get away vehicle are way up.

At Pippen Hot, a cafe a mere 500 meters from the contagion,
there is a drop in customers, but they bravely stay open. “Our customers are like zombies anyway before they have coffee.”

The response to the threat has been impressive, as the photo below shows, with ERIA police and fire departments joining with HCI to contain the threat.


“Just look at the equipment here,” said a Waterbank Sheriff’s Deputy at the containment cordon. “Astaro, HD, Szym, and F-Guard’s new Mobile Command vehicle. Everything we have is out here.”

Zombism is not so easily beaten though, and Governor Chia closed the airport to traffic after a zombie escaped the terminal. East River Hospital has been ordered to prepare “sedatives, cures, or one-step killers” by her office, should the threat escape the cordon.


“They have set up a three ring containment system,” said a representative for the Waterbank CDC. “The first ring was inside the main terminal and has already been breached. The second ring is all the terminal buildings, and the third is the tarmac. If brave hunters like Bizi Pfeffer continue to help us, I think we’ll get back to the first ring. But we need the public’s help.”

WN asked the CDC representative about the outbreak. “I think our official response is ‘oops.'”


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