Claw Pilot Caught Talking to… Kango?!


A wildlife photographer captured this scene at Archerfield Airfield and turned it over to authorities.

“It’s weird,” admitted an officer in the Coastal Patrol. “It looks like he’s talking to the kangaroo, and the kangaroo is listening. At first we thought it was a Claw spy dressed like a kangaroo, but experts at Waterbank University have confirmed that those are real kangaroos.”

The photographer said that the animal and the Claw “talked” for half an hour and then went their own way. A Claw spokesperson had this to say:

“We’re a very animal friendly bunch. If you took time to reach our press releases you’d know we have more animal activists than Waterbank University. Our pilot was there seeing if there was an update on the new ZSK jet, that’s all.”


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