Interview With Chia, Feral Marine

The Waterbank News caught Chia, CEO of Feral Marine, for a few questions at the Pippen factory:

“There was a massive explosion heard in the ER a few nights ago, what happened!?”

Chia: “Ahh Feral engineers lit off the largest firework known to exist. Those crazy engineers designed a built a 200 inch round mortor tube launched firework. ERPA tried to stop us, but when offered catnip they stuck around to watch the show. It was the largest firework show in ERC history marking the end of the shutdown. Any shattered windows will be replaced free of charge.”

“Something is happening with the front of the factory in Pippen. what can you tell us about that?”

“We are updating the building. Feral has grown and more space is necessary. we are modifying the main pippen plant and also on the look out for more land around the ERC to expand operations into. Feral Brand is and always will be made in the ERC!”

“Is Niosaki Systems still around?”

“Of course they are! Niosaki Systems is part of the ERC, so therefore took part in the ERC shutdown. So, of course you have not seen nor heard from them in awhile.

“Is there any truth to the rumors that ERIA is haunted?”

“Huh? Rumors?……..wait….what are you talking about?

“Are you and Feral Marine in cahoots with the CLAW?”

“”Cahoots”? Who uses that word anymore? Let me see your press credentials again please…”

“Will Feral boats now come with a bow on them when purchased?”
“Allright, this interview is over! Security! Get this person out of my office!”

An official statement is after the jump:

Chia Statement:
“Feral Marine is back in the saddle with four boats slated to be released very soon. Currently, the Feral 300, The Feral RB-L Dive Version, the Feral Prowler, and the Feral MLB are on display at our Tschotcke store. Or you might be lucky enough to see them on sea trials at our main store in pippen. Currently our facility is swamped in pre-orders for these craft, even as our engineering teams are finalizing certain details. The 2 month yearly shut down really does allow time for us to get our stuff back in order and ready to churn out some boats.”


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